6 Ways to Create More Interactive Content

Social Media users are bombarded with tons of branded content every day. So how do you make your content stand out from the rest? Interactive content is the best way to create a memorable experience for your community. Here are 5 ways to create more interactive content.


Create Polls

Creating a way for customers to be able to share their opinion on social media. This can be done using polls on Instagram Stories. You could also ask customers to vote by clicking on something in a newsletter to increase click-through-rate. Host a giveaway on social media where you post two products and have customers comment on which one they want to win as their entry. These types of tactics not only create a more memorable experience but also provide a low barrier of entry to be invested in your content. 


Create Quizzes

Creating interactive content through making quizzes on Instagram stories is a wonderful way to teach customers more about your product. Additionally, creating quizzes which lead to shopping decisions can increase conversion by 40-50%!


Create Custom Filters

Filters are one of the most innovative ways to create interactive content. Filters can be used on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Many brands have created challenges using these filters and hire influencers to create content which helps the challenge go viral. Furthermore, filters can be used on your own website to help customers make purchasing decisions. Sephora has seen much success using filters that showcase color swatches that were especially helpful for customers shopping during the pandemic.  


Rethink Video Experiences

Reinvent how audiences experience video content through concepts like 360 video. Another example of innovative video content was the music video for “Know Me Better” by Major Lazer. This music video depicts a shy boy with a passion for dancing, hoping to win the girl of his dreams. The video has an interactive element, allowing viewers to click the screen to switch between “reality” and “dreams,” where you can watch the story unfold.


Try Out Live Streaming

Live streams are a form of interactive content that allows viewers to chat with the brand, ask questions, and receive answers in real-time. Live streams can be recorded and posted afterward to make for more content for your page and to encourage your community not to miss the next one.


Create Tutorials

Tutorials are interactive content because the viewer is experiencing an activity that you have created. Your community can save these videos and share them with friends. They create value that extends beyond the initial watch. 




Interactive content can increase conversion by 40-50%!


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