Convert Your Instagram Followers Into Loyal Customers

Dec 2016
Photo Credit: @prestonkonrad

You know those Instagram followers who look but don’t touch? They scroll through their feed and lurk on profiles for hours on end without so much as liking a single picture. It’s one of the biggest social media pet peeves of marketers and brands. Instagram can be tricky when it comes to marketing your brand and tracking each customer’s journey. Users are only allowed one link in their profile bio, which makes luring customers to your site more complicated than when you’re posting on Facebook or Pinterest. Notice we said complicated, not impossible. We all can’t be as popular as the Rock! But there are several tactics you can use to convert those on looking followers into faithful customers.

Talk Back

Respond and answer customer questions as much as possible. Followers are constantly poking around comment sections, so your interaction with current customers can influence their decision to give your brand a shot. Skeptics want to know that their concerns will be heard and questions will be clarified. Therefore investing the time to respond can boost a potential customer’s trust in a brand.

Up Your Insta-Game

High-quality pictures, variety and frequent posting are necessities for a brand growing its customer base through Instagram. Good lighting and clean photos can transform your page aesthetically and attract potential customers. Your Instagram profile is a representation of your brand. In the eyes of consumers low-quality photos could mean low-quality product or service. Uploading videos, people and quotes are also ways to keep followers interested, rather than constantly releasing photos of your product. Here’s an example of brands killing it on social media.

Unleash the CTA

Don’t underestimate the power of a call-to-action (CTA). You may not be able to attach a link to your caption, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work around the system. Prompt people to click the link in your bio in applicable posts. You can keep the link to your homepage stagnant in your bio, or switch it up so it always coincides with your latest promotional posts. Use this type of CTA sparingly; you don’t want to annoy your followers by repeating the same caption and send them running.

Flaunt Your Fans

Show off how much your current customers love your brand to the potentials, by sharing their photos. While you’re asking for permission, you can even request a quote about why they love your product or how they use it and display it in the caption. Brands gain more loyal customers when they show appreciation for their current ones. Showcasing the various ways customers use your product can also spark inspiration amongst your other followers and ultimately increase sales.


These helpful tips can get your brand in front of more eyeballs, and have more consumers singing your praise! Want to learn about growing your audience on Twitter? Check out why being live is the key to connecting!




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