How Social Listening Can Transform Your Business

Dec 2016

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your audience talking to you online. Are you listening? Social media is about more than just creating and distributing content. Sure, you can run successful social media platforms by publishing posts and replying to comments, but is your business benefiting from everything social media has to offer this way? Social listening provides you a window into the customer’s mind and can be used to transform the way you run your company.

Monitor all Media

Social listening, often described as “media motoring,” involves tracking online conversations about your company, your industry, and your competitors. This goes beyond checking notifications for mentions and following your competitor’s channels online. It’s about hearing what your audience is saying, understanding how they feel, and knowing what they need.

Use the Information To Your Advantage

After you have this information, you can analyze what you have learned, reflect, and then apply the information to the way your company does business. Listening differs from traditional motoring because it requires you to come up with a conclusion based on your findings and think about how the information affects you as a company.

Search for Related Situations

Start by searching for popular terms in your industry. Read what your audience has to say about their frustrations and concerns and what they are looking for that your company can provide. The solutions you come up with may be just what your competitors are lacking, especially if they are not listening to their audience online. 

Expand Your Listening

Look past your notifications and mentions. According to Twitter, 30% of tweets about a company do not include the company’s Twitter handle. This is valuable information you may be missing, and it is right in front of you – take advantage of it. Find a solution and always reply back to your audience, even if you are not tagged in the conversation. You should also be tracking all possible variations of your name to ensure that you are receiving all the available feedback about your company. You have the opportunity to outshine your competition by simply being responsive to your audience online.

Connect with Influencers

Are there any leading influencers in your industry? If so, connect with them! Your audience has built a trust with these influencers online, and their opinion means a lot to your potential customers. Creating relationships and potentially partnering with influencers can lead to a connection with customers as well as sales conversions. Make sure you are connecting with influencers whose audience fits your desired demographic and will be a good fit for your company and your brand voice. You can learn more about the importance of the social media influencer here.

Your audience has a voice, make sure you are listening. The way you handle what is being said about your company online can reflect the way your audience perceives you. Pay attention and use what you are hearing to transform your customer service and overall business approach. Looking to be more effective with your social media campaign? Learn more about our coaching program and social media management services here.




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