Best Social Media Advertising Retargeting Audiences for Lead Nurturing

Dec 2021

Social Media Advertising Retargeting AudiencesAs part of the nurturing process, social media advertising is an ideal way to nurture your warmest leads. The best way to do this is through retargeting ads. These ads are used to reconnect with potential customers that are already familiar with your brand. These prospects are existing customers, email newsletter subscribers, and those users that have visited your website or interacted with your social channels or marketing in some way. Discover how to effectively nurture these audience members with your ads.

Retargeting Audiences for Lead Nurturing

Messaging for each retargeting audience for lead nurturing is different. As a result, you can target multiple audiences in one campaign without overlapping. Here are the audiences you can nurture through retargeting ads.

Existing Customers

One of the most popular retargeting audiences you can go after are existing customers. These are people who have made purchases both recently and in the past. Because they are already familiar with your business, you can craft a targeted message that shows them another reason to look at your business’s products or services again and boost your overall customer loyalty. 

Email Subscribers

Those that subscribed to your email lists should also be included in your retargeting audiences. These can be users who signed up for newsletters or engaged with your email marketing campaigns in the past. Although you will likely also have the emails of those who purchased from you in the past, they should not receive the same message as these groups. This audience is familiar with your brand but has not made a purchase or worked with you previously. 

Since you have access to those prospects’ email addresses, you have the ability to upload these lists directly in your social ads. Then, you can send custom messages to these warm leads and increase your chances of turning them into customers.

Website Visitors

97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything. Social media advertising can help re-engage them and put your brand at the top of their list.

Website visitors are the main audience for lead nurturing. These prospects can be collected directly from your company’s website. Whether they’ve visited your home page or read a blog, you can pull this data and use it in your social media ads to serve custom messages that will encourage them to make a purchase. In order to pull this data, you will need a social media pixel installed on your website. This short piece of code will communicate users’ behavior from your website to your social media advertising account.

Social Followers

Your social media followers are one of the warmest audiences you can nurture with your retargeting ads. The users have interacted with your business previously. This could be from liking or commenting on your posts, following your page, or even sending your business a direct message.

With retargeting ads, you can direct specific messages to these audience members and address the pain points they’ve expressed in these previous interactions. Then, you can lead them to a specific page on your website to contact you further by filling out a form, obtaining resources, or making a purchase.

Targeting the Right Audience for Social Media Advertising

Understanding what lead nurturing message to provide each of your retargeting audiences gives you the best opportunity to convert your warmest leads. With retargeting ads, you spend less time sifting through consumers that are still at the top of the sales funnel and more time connecting with high-quality leads. 

megaphoneConsumers are 70% more likely to convert with retargeting ads.

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