How to Delete a Facebook Pixel from Business Manager

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*Updated 4/15/2019

Facebook recently updated the interface which has removed the ability to delete a pixel.  We are working on a solution and will update the blog post once we have figured out how to remove or deactivate the pixel from the Facebook Business Manager.  For now, we are recommending that if you do not want to use a pixel, ensure it is not installed on your website and check to make sure any ads you are running are not using the inactive pixel.   


So you want to learn how to delete a Facebook pixel from Business Manager. Well, we have good news and bad news. The bad news – you cannot delete a Facebook pixel from your Business Manager. But before you get yourself all worked up, let us hit you with the good news… There is a work-around to help you solve the problem. Here’s how:

While you can’t delete a pixel from a business manager account, you can stop it from collecting data. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Business Manager.
  2. Click on the drop down menu in upper left corner and click “Pixels.”
  3. Click on the name of the pixel you want to stop tracking.
  4. Click on the Ad Account of the pixel you want to stop tracking.
  5. Click the gray “X” to the right of screen.

This will stop the pixel from sending data to your account.

Pixel Screenshot

Note: Each ad account can have multiple pixel codes associated with the sites you are running ads to, but each ad can only use one pixel.


Let’s say you have a Facebook pixel installed on an old website that you no longer use. Now you have a new business website you want to run Facebook ads for, but don’t want to lose the custom retargeting audience you already built up using your first site’s pixel. But if you can’t delete your old pixel… what are you supposed to do?

You don’t need to create a new pixel! Your base pixel code can be used on multiple websites, so there is no need to make a new one.


  1. Just grab the base Pixel code from your ads manager.
  2. Customize it for the new website (To do so, you can follow Facebook’s Pixel Guide, starting from step 2).


Note: You’ll just want to be sure you’re no longer collecting data from the old website, so be sure to deactivate tracking (as explained above) or remove the pixel code snippet directly from the website you no longer wish to track.


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