Are Reddit Ads Worth It?

Feb 2021

As we’ve seen in recent AMC and Gamestop stock news, Reddit is a powerful social platform consumers look to when making decisions about almost anything. From buying stocks to building online businesses, Redditors spend an average of 10 minutes per session on the site, posting and chatting with fellow users. With more than 430 million monthly active users, your business has the opportunity to tap into this influential audience with Reddit ads. Here is our Reddit for brands guide to advertising. 

What are Reddit ads?

Similar to social media marketing on other platforms, Reddit ads a simple way your brand can target your ideal audience. You can do this through interest targeting, demographics, and subreddits. As an alternative to Facebook ads, Reddit ads are very cost-effective and regularly result in high-engagement from users. 

How do you create ads that convert?

Although targeting and setup are similar to other social media ads, advertising the right content on Reddit can be tricky. The key to running a successful ad campaign on Reddit is knowing the culture of the users, staying active organically, and understanding the platform’s tools.

Organic Posting

Reddit users are very community-based and do not respond well to brands that just throw ads in their feeds. It’s important to build rapport with your target audience authentically. Decide which subreddits your ideal customers are a part of and try to add value to these groups. Do not post about your business or try to clickbait these users. These tactics could quickly have you banned from the groups and you will lose access to these audiences. 

Subreddit Culture

Reddit has its own set of rules and culture that is more close-knit than other social media channels. Before launching your ad, it’s important to understand the policies of the subreddit you are targeting and the places your ad will run. If your ad is not received well by the group you are targeting, your reach will be severely limited and you will not get your ideal results.

Upvoting and Karma

Reddit ads differ from other social media ads when it comes to approvals. When using Facebook and Twitter or creating Instagram ads, your campaign success relies on likes and comments. Reddit, on the other hand, makes these determinations through upvoting and Karma credits. When a user likes an ad they have been shown, they can upvote it and increase the chances of other users seeing it. You will also receive Karma credits, aka street cred., and be deemed a reliable source within the platform. Be careful with the content you share. If your ad is downvoted, you also lose Karma credits. 

Utilizing Reddit ads can help you tap into a whole new customer base for your business. This platform gives your brand the opportunity to speak directly to your audience and understand exactly what they are looking for. 

megaphoneReddit is the sixth most popular social channel in the U.S. 

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