6 Reasons SEO Matters for Every Small Business

Nov 2022

6 Reasons SEO Matters for Every Small Business

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is an important component of every digital marketing campaign for businesses across the globe. Every business would benefit from increased awareness, and without a marketing plan in place, it’s more difficult to grow. SEO is the foundation of a strong marketing campaign because it establishes your company as a thought leader and creates a positive online presence, driving more search traffic to your website. There are over 3.5 billion internet users on the planet, so the opportunity is vast.

Here are 6 reasons SEO is important for every small business.

1. SEO drives brand awareness

New companies often fail to understand the value of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s much easier to establish an online presence these days than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success without a marketing plan in place. Without SEO, it’s very difficult to differentiate your business from the dozens of competitors that already exist. Showing up at the top of search results is essential for being found by potential customers and standing out from the pack. By initiating an SEO strategy before launching a small business, you’ll reach the top of search results more quickly, which helps to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. If you don’t have an SEO plan in place for your business, it should be a priority.

2. SEO drives targeted traffic

SEO can drive targeted traffic to your website, so you can see increased revenue without having to spend on pay-per-click ads (paid search). It’s important to allocate your budget wisely so that you’re using funds where they’ll have the highest impact on your company’s growth. SEO traction builds over time and can produce results for months and years to come. With paid advertising, when you stop running ads, the traction falls off. Also, since SEO capitalizes on the terms people are searching for online, you can be sure that people that find your website in search have intent to use your services.

3. Consumers love review sites

Due to the organic nature of SEO, companies need to optimize themselves across the web, including social media platforms and review sites because that’s where your customers are already spending their time. By putting energy into your SEO and ensuring that you are listed in a multitude of places on the web, you’ll be able to get your company in front of more people that are actively looking for what you offer. SEO strategies change frequently due to Google’s algorithm updates, but making sure you have a presence in the places consumers are looking on the web is always a best practice.

4. Investing in SEO upfront pays off over time

One of the best things about search engine optimization is that you can see results over time, so it’s not something that only benefits your business in the short term, but can continue to add value over time. Allocating funds toward SEO helps to establish your company as a leader in your niche, which makes it easier for customers looking for your products and services to find you organically through search engines.

5. SEO is a key part of digital marketing for every size business

Big or small, most companies need to be seen on the web. Big business SEO often focuses on established keywords to drive more traffic, while the small business SEO should create a series of long-tail keywords and phrases that aren’t as competitive so it’s easier for them to rank quickly. Once they get traction on the lower competition terms, they can move to more competitive keywords. Even though it takes some time to see the benefits, companies that are willing to allocate resources toward optimizing their website will have a better chance of driving traffic and growth.

6. SEO can be tied to revenue

More traffic to your website equates to more opportunities to pitch your products and services. If you are using the right keywords and driving people who are looking for your specific offerings to your site, chances are many of them will convert. (If not, you may need to improve your website so that it converts better.) Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for getting in front of people who have intent to buy and ensuring that they know about your company. It’s not a magic bullet but it will provide incredible value with consistency over time.

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