5 Ways to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn

Dec 2011

linkedinmonkayLinkedIn’s platform is exceptional for professional presence and networking, but admittedly, compared to other snazzy social media sites, its interface is not as lively and “fun” as others.  So what ways can you customize your LinkedIn profile and stand out from others?  Believe it or not, there are a ton of ways to make your LinkedIn profile your own, and if you follow these following tips from KWSM, you’ll be sure to stand out among your peers and connections.

  1. Connect Your Twitter to Your Profile: LinkedIn profiles have a status update feature (like Facebook) which posts your and your networks’ updates to a real-time stream.  We know you probably don’t log onto LinkedIn on the daily, but if you want to keep your LinkedIn looking seemingly active, hook up your Twitter account to your profile.  Remember, your Twitter should be just as professional—if you have doubts that your tweets are too personal, don’t link the accounts at all.
  2. Join Groups and Interact: Find groups that are relevant to your industry or your interests, and find people to connect with. You can participate in discussions, post up questions and news up on groups.  Finding your niche on LinkedIn not only provides you with a great resource for your industry, but your interaction on these groups can also lead to invaluable connections. Who knows whom you’ll meet and what opportunities they can provide for you?
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Let’s face it—prospective employers look at your LinkedIn profile to see your experience and capabilities, and to understand what you can potentially bring to the table.  But what other people say about you is just important.  Recommendations are crucial to LinkedIn profiles, so don’t be afraid to ask your employers, coworkers or peers to write you one.  And as always, remember to return the favor!
  4. Add Different Sections: There are tons of different sections you can add to your profile.  Go through the “Add Sections” feature and see what else you can flesh out your profile.  LinkedIn allows you to add things like “Honors and Awards”, “Publications”, “Projects” or “Languages”.  Your LinkedIn profile is all about you, so don’t be afraid to flaunt what you have!
  5. Add Applications: There are a variety of third-party applications you can link up to your profile.  Connect your LinkedIn with your personal WordPress, or show off the books you’ve read with the E-Bookshelf application.  These applications add dimension to your profile—you are more than just your work experiences and your education, and these applications let you show that.



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