5 Things Hindering Your Success on LinkedIn

Mar 2015
5 Things Hindering Your Success on LinkedIn
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Have you been getting ho-hum results from your LinkedIn efforts? Don’t throw in the towel; an underwhelming experience on the site might be the result of some typical, yet reversible, bad habits.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you might be making on LinkedIn, plus tips on how to rise above them.

Giving a weak first impression (or none at all).

Did you know that users who include a photo are 11x more likely to get viewed on LinkedIn? The picture you choose to share on your LinkedIn profile is one of those rare first impressions that you have control over. Uploading a clean, professional picture of yourself indicates that you take your professional reputation seriously and know that even smallest details matter.

Not interacting with your connections.

People who only contact friends when they need something don’t become any more lovable from behind a social media profile. Studies show that 40% of LinkedIn’s users check their account daily, and these same people will likely take notice when a favor is asked after a period of silence. With that said, dedicate 45 minutes each week to play an active role on your profile and support your network.

Leaving sections of your profile blank.

One of the easiest ways to get discovered on LinkedIn is by completely filling in your profile, but that doesn’t mean that your work is done once all the blanks are filled. The site is always adding more information fields for users to share with their connections, so it’s important to check back frequently to ensure you’re giving the most complete information about yourself. After all, members who stay on top of their LinkedIn profiles receive an average of 13 times more profile views over those who don’t.

Keeping your knowledge a secret.

Do you stay up to date with your industry’s news and events? Share your insights in the form of status updates or a long-form post. Letting your network in on this insider knowledge is a great way to show your helpful side and raise questions that could lead to more business.

Letting your network fall stagnant.

There’s nothing wrong with being choosy about your connections—most CEOs only have 930 of them—but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep an eye out for people you know. Try searching for your newest contacts from time to time or use LinkedIn’s advanced search to pinpoint potential leads.

What are your favorite tips for LinkedIn success? Share them in the comments!

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