5 Major Advantages to Using Email Marketing

Aug 2019

First thing’s first, let’s crush the myth that email marketing is old news. When used correctly, this tool can add an extra spark to your content marketing plan. It acts as the perfect hub for your audience (especially during things like Instagram and Facebook shutdowns). Email marketing has several advantages and we’re sharing the five major benefits to employing this tactic.

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  1. Builds Stronger Relationships

You’ve got them to follow you. You have interesting content on your page. But what now? Getting your audience to subscribe to your “tribe” or email list is the next step. Once they’re added to your virtual family, you have the opportunity to nurture a deeper relationship with them. They go from being a follower to feeling like a friend. Email newsletters allow you to tell your brand story, share upcoming events, and even exclusive offers just for your subscribers to sweeten the deal!


  1. Provides More Value

What’s better than free content? Exclusive free content! Emails are a clever way to offer content upgrades for content that isn’t available on your social media. Emails allow you to dive deeper on a post, blog, or video. Constantly providing extra value from every angle will help establish you as an expert!


(Tip – Try offering bonus content or additional services to get new subscribers! 

“Get ahead of your home search with this FREE homebuyer checklist. Get instant access now!”)


  1. Grows Your Audience

The more value you provide, the more your audience will gravitate to you. Email marketing is an effective way to bring a cold audience to you and keep them connected with your brand. Offering content upgrades or special offers is a great way to keep a constant flow of subscribers funneling into your list.


  1. Increases Website Traffic

One of the awesome things about email marketing is how it can continuously drive traffic back to your website. Promoting a sale? Link to the offer page. Having an event? Link to the ticket registration. Sharing tips but want to provide detailed information? Link to your blog post. This is an essential method to send subscribers to your desired page.


  1. Boosts Sales

E-mails equal sales. Did you know that the average expected ROI from email marketing is $32 for every $1 spent? When your audience takes the extra step of opting into your list, you have room to be even more strategic about your offers and promotions. Email campaigns help nurture your audience through the sales pipeline to increase their chances of conversion.


Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. 

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