My Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting, What am I Doing Wrong?

Aug 2019

Social media advertising has changed the game–literally. Creating ads today doesn’t require thousands of dollars for distribution through magazines and TV. You can get in front of potential customers right where they spend the majority of their time–social media channels. A good Facebook ad campaign can help you increase brand awareness and reach more consumers, but running a successful ad campaign isn’t always easy. If you are finding yourself with Facebook ads that aren’t converting we have some things that may be sabotaging your efforts.

Facebook ads

1. Your Landing Page Stinks 

A good landing page is a big part of any successful ad campaign. Your potential customer has clicked on the ad because they liked what they saw. Unfortunately, you lost them on the landing page for any number of reasons. Maybe the landing page didn’t speak to the targeted customer, it was too confusing or cluttered, or the CTA wasn’t clear. Making sure your landing page is easy to understand is a good way to convert your audience. 

2. Your Ad Doesn’t Appeal to the Demographic You Are Targeting 

Your creatives should match the audience with whom you are trying to connect. If your product or service is targeted to moms of preschool children you may want to use creatives that include families, smiling children, and other things along those lines. Creatives that speak to teenage boys are not the same creatives that speak to middle-aged professional women; choose your creatives wisely. 


3. The Ad Copy Is Too Wordy

Ad copy shouldn’t be too salesy, people don’t like to be sold to. Ads that read like a book report are too wordy and ultimately ineffective.  Remember that the majority of Facebook users are served a number of ads daily, you don’t have much time to grab their attention and get them to take action. Don’t let your ads be too tedious to read and understand. 


Facebook Ads strategies are not one size fits all. Developing your strategy may require some trial and error, but companies who utilize digital marketing strategies see higher revenue than those who don’t. 


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