4 Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media

May 2021

Whether you’re a B2B business that mainly utilizes LinkedIn to reach your audience or you’re a B2C service provider posting frequently on Facebook, there are some tactics that your business can utilize in order to generate leads on social media.  


Here are four ways you can easily incorporate lead generation tactics into your company’s organic social media

Organic social media isn’t always thought of for the first way to attract new leads, but it can be an effective way to do just that when done strategically.

Link Directly to Campaign Landing Pages

On a strong campaign landing page that is designed to convert, there are a few elements that your business should always include. One of these is a clear way to contact your business or a contact fill form. 


Since social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow posting links and then will auto populate the imagery from the link, posting a specific campaign’s landing page as a social media post can be a straightforward way to generate leads


If your business chooses to do this, just remember to create copy to go along with the link when you post it. This copy can enhance conversions, and prompt people to click on the link with a call to action. 


Include a Link to your Contact Form in Your Bio 

Nearly every social media channel has a space for your company to write a short bio. Bios are typically limited in the number of characters you can include, but other than that, your business has the ability to get creative in what it writes here. 


One underutilized way to generate leads on social media is by linking directly to your company’s contact form or contact page in the bio space.  


Run a Giveaway 

People always love free items, and giveaway posts typically see extremely high metrics, from reach to engagement, compared to other types of posts. 


Your business can create a giveaway post and require that one of the qualifying factors to enter is an email address. Once your giveaway is closed and your business has a number of new emails, enter those emails into a drip email campaign that is designed to convert


Repost Blogs that Generate the Most Leads 

Social media is a great way to share your blog posts both old and new. By referencing an analytics tool like Google Analytics, you can see which pages and blog posts on your company’s website are the most popular and generate the most clicks. 


Even if you’ve shared these popular blog posts that are driving conversions to your organic social media pages before, your business can share these again with new captions. 


There’s a good chance that if the blog is old but still driving conversions and traffic that the topics covered in the blog are still very relevant to your target audience. 


Try implementing one or all of these tactics as new ways to generate leads on social media. As an added bonus, all of these tactics will also help drive more traffic to your business’ website too. 


Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate.


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