LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Best Features

May 2021

Sales Navigator's Best FeaturesLinkedIn is the standard social platform for professional networks and relationships, with both free and paid options. This particular platform has been a popular and effective way for businesses to find and nurture sales leads. LinkedIn has released an added service targeted to finding and boosting sales for your business, Sales Navigator. While this service does require a monthly subscription, many companies have enrolled in Sales Navigator due to its effective and powerful sales lead tactics. 


What Does Sales Navigator Offer?

Sales Navigator offers many features to help you successfully track down and target leads. Some of these services include advanced search, LinkedIn’s “InMails,” job change alerts, and access to LinkedIn groups. All of these tools help align you with potential leads and quicker access to your sales targets. 


Advanced Search

The advanced search tool in Sales Navigator allows you to search for potential leads with over 20 search filters, including keywords, geography, company size, and much more. This is a very popular method for lead generation and general outreach. You can make your search as narrow or broad as you want in order to get started on your potential customer list. 


LinkedIn InMail

Sales Navigator also offers an email or direct message tool to get in contact with your target audience. This is a great way to get in touch with your leads and stand out amongst your competitors, who may just send typical email campaigns that could get lost in inboxes very easily. 


Job Change Alerts

Job change alerts are a unique option that Sales Navigator offers its users. Knowing when your leads have changed jobs or companies is an easy way to start a conversation with them. Noticing that the person has changed jobs also shows them that you are paying attention, which can push this lead towards you even more. Sales Navigator does a great job at keeping the user up to date with the leads they are following and provides a service unlike any other. 


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups have always been around, but that feature comes with many restrictions about what you can and can’t post as well as how you can connect with members. Sales Navigator gives you more options to connect and target members of a group via the advanced search option. You can now search directly for people in specific groups that are relevant to your business or interests and can communicate with them so much easier than before. 


Sales Navigator: A WIN!

Sales Navigator offers so many different options for lead generation and absolutely simplifies the process for anyone looking for new targets. We encourage you to check it out for yourself and even partake in their free trial. 


Through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator there are 42% larger deals, 17% higher win rates, and 15% more pipeline!


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