4 Tactics to Nurture Online Leads with Social Media

Dec 2021

How to Nurture Online Leads with Social MediaSocial media is so much more than just posting a photo or video on your newsfeed. It can help you reach a variety of goals, including building brand awareness and obtaining qualified leads. When used in combination with your other marketing tactics, you can use your social channels to help you generate and nurture online leads and turn them into new, loyal customers.

You can achieve this lead generation goal through paid and organic content, social media promotions, free trials and consultations, and retargeting ads.

Paid and Organic Content

When you first think of social media, you probably imagine scrolling through endless lists of photos, videos, and updates. Most of these posts will fall under the category of organic content.  “Organic” simply means that these posts are not pushed to the top of the feed or shared with an exclusive audience by means of paid advertising. This type of content performs best when shared on your business’s profile and within private groups. 

If you want to give that post an extra push to reach more people, gain more clicks back to the website, or even recommend new followers, you can boost it. By putting as little as $5 behind that post and sharing it with a targeted audience, you can reach a whole new set of prospects. In these boosted posts, you can use content like FAQs and testimonials to help them see why your business is the best.


Promotional posts are another great option for using your social media to nurture those prospects in the middle of the sales funnel. These types of posts include such things as discounts on your services or products and even contests or giveaways. You can nurture online leads on social media with this tactic by posting about your promotion or contest on your feeds or building a paid ad around the offer. Both examples will drive users back to your website to take action. 

Typically, promotional posts using offers work best with users that are familiar with your business and are looking for an opportunity to try out your products or services. Although those colder audience members might not jump at an offer right away, they may be more willing to participate in a contest or giveaway. This gives you an opportunity to get to know them and help them move through your sales funnel with all of your marketing efforts.

Free Trials and Consultations

Free trials and consultations offered exclusively to your social audience are another great way to nurture your warmer leads. These audience members are already familiar with your business and are more likely to make a purchase. 

Offering exclusive free trials of top products, services, and free, no-risk consultations are great ways to get social media users to your website to develop a more one-on-one relationship with them. By building this rapport with your audience, you can more quickly reach the goal of converting a prospect to a customer.

Retargeting Ads

Similar to the paid content mentioned above, retargeting ads are a way to pinpoint your ideal audience members and serve them a specific piece of content. However, the content of retargeting ads is much more custom than boosted posts. Retargeting audiences are users that have interacted with your website, social channel, or even enrolled in a free trial of some form. Because these are the warmest groups of people, your ads have to be specific to the needs of your audience. You want to focus on highlighting their major pain points and providing them with a reliable solution. This is a successful way to get prospects to take action.

Retargeting ads can also be cost-effective. Whether you have a large or small advertising budget, you can still use retargeting ads to reach those users who are already familiar with your business.

Strategically using the right content on your social media account can help you target your warmest audience. Combining this social media strategy with your other marketing tactics is the best way to nurture online leads and more quickly close the lead generation sales cycle.

megaphoneLead nurturing marketing tactics result in 50% more sales-ready leads.

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