This Atlanta Non-Profit Used Influencer Marketing To Spread An Important Message

Dec 2021
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While it’s possible that your business could reach its target audience through an advertising campaign, there is a newer digital marketing practice that has grown in popularity for its ability to expand reach and drive a higher percentage of conversions and goal completions: influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is best deployed when you need to reach a large portion of your target audience in a personable, conversational, and authentic way. An ideal influencer can be any person who has a large fan base of users that fall into your target audience on any social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube). When you partner with an influencer, they are able to serve as a credible spokesperson for your product or service, speaking directly to your ideal consumer via those platforms. 

This method of promotion is increasing in success as more and more businesses compete to be seen in the social media advertising space. With influencer marketing, instead of seeing yet another graphic ad on their screens from a brand or business they aren’t very familiar with, users are met with real people who they know, like, and trust to give them an honest review of whatever your business has to offer.

We saw this in a recent influencer marketing campaign from KWSM Atlanta


Here’s How We Did It

In the summer of 2021, our KWSM Atlanta team put together a comprehensive Instagram influencer marketing campaign for the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area (AMNHA). After 3 months of partnering with several Instagram influencers, we saw the client’s followers, reach, and impressions on the channel increase drastically.

The Campaign

It was springtime in Atlanta when we realized how many park visitors were still unaware of how to hike in a manner that protected the unique and important ecosystems on Arabia Mountain, despite our frequent organic social media posts and blogs on the subject. Many visitors were regularly walking through areas on the rock face that harmed the plants and organisms that live within them. As an organization that serves to protect nature and educate the public on how to do so, AMNHA needed our help to spread greater awareness.

Our team knew right away that if our goal was to reach Atlanta locals quickly and effectively to spread this message, an Instagram influencer marketing campaign was the best tactic to use.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

We started by doing extensive research on Google and within Instagram itself to find local influencers in Atlanta who are passionate about the outdoors, as well as influencers known for sharing family-friendly spots in and around the city where parents can take their children for a day of fun.

After we found about 20 eligible influencers, the client determined their budget for the campaign, and we started collecting each of the influencer’s rates for Instagram posts and stories (influencers get paid for each piece of content they create). We then worked with AMNHA to decide which influencers were the best fit and how to best allocate their budget among them. Once the influencers were finalized, we sent contracts for them to sign that laid out all details of the campaign and partnership. 

Then, the real fun began! Each month between May-July, we had at least two influencers posting in-feed content and stories for our #PreserveThePark campaign. Each post showcased the beauty, history, and various attractions of the landscape while simultaneously educating audiences on how to explore responsibly and protect the environment.



The Results

In just 3 months, we saw the following results on AMNHA’s Instagram page:

  • Followers increased by 9%
  • Reach increased by 300%
  • Impressions increased by 72%

These results do not include the impressions, reach, or engagement garnered on the influencers’ accounts from our campaign-specific content.


The Analysis

After the #PreserveThePark campaign ended, it was clear that working with influencers made a noticeable difference in our brand awareness. Not only did we reach more people in a shorter amount of time, but we also garnered new page followers at a faster rate after they were exposed to AMNHA’s mission and attractions through the influencers’ content. 

With a solid message and the right strategy, influencer marketing can bring greater awareness for your organization or business. When ads aren’t acquiring the results you want, it may be that your target audience needs to see more credibility from your brand before they are willing to take actions like visiting your website or looking at your social media pages. Since influencers are known to establish a greater level of trust between brands/businesses and consumers than other digital marketing tactics, influencer marketing could be your ticket to better results.

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