4 Tactics To Incorporate The Holidays In Your Marketing Strategy

Nov 2020

tactics_to_incorporate_holidays_into_marketingThe holiday season is upon us, and that means we’re down to the wire to effectively execute your holiday marketing strategies. If you’re offering seasonal deals or discounts, strategizing your campaigns needs to be done well before those promotions actually start. If you are only just getting around to thinking about the holidays, here are 4 simple tactics for holiday marketing sure to get your audience in the spirit.

Colorful Graphics

One of the easiest ways to celebrate the holidays in your content is to create colorful graphics. Building graphics can help you incorporate spirited elements into your normal content schedule and allow you to seamlessly display holiday cheer while staying true to your branding. Adding snowflakes or candy canes to your evergreen graphic templates can be all it takes to show your audience that it’s time to celebrate. Adobe Illustrator is great for experienced designers, but tools like Canva can be just as effective if you don’t have as much practice.

Lifestyle Content

Depending on your brand offerings and target audience, you may already be incorporating lifestyle content into your social media strategy. One of the simplest ways to show your holiday spirit is to shift the theme of your lifestyle content to be more holiday-specific. Doing so shows your audience that your content is curated thoughtfully and can be a great way to show your products in action. Whether you take lifestyle photos yourself or choose to use stock images, posting content featuring people who look like your target audience partaking in holiday activities is a highly effective tactic.

Company Culture Highlights

Another simple way to incorporate the holidays into your marketing is by showcasing your company culture. Have you put up decor in your office? Are you holding a Zoom Holiday Bake-Off? Capturing these moments through photo or video and posting them to your social media channels is a great way to include your audience in the celebration and encourage them to engage with you. 

Video Shoots

For more robust holiday campaigns, a video shoot is a great tactic to include in your marketing efforts. Consumers retain more information from video content than text, and video is highly effective at inciting emotion and bringing the holiday spirit to life. If you’re really looking to capture attention with your holiday campaign – video is the way to go. 


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