3 Ways to Switch Up Your Beauty Brand’s Content

Oct 2020

Beauty brands are constantly changing by updating products or introducing a new beauty line. Keeping your followers excited about your products is necessary to ensure your social channels stay active and relevant. If you’re worried about your content becoming stagnant, try introducing your products in a different light.

Get inspired by a few ideas below to help you switch up your beauty brand’s content.

Before and After Photos

If you want to show how dynamic and versatile your beauty products are, try using before and after photos to emphasize their capabilities. It may sound like a simple change, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get your point across. Before and after photos help your followers see the difference your products make in their routine. A great tactic for this approach is to reach out to customers or influencers so that they can increase the credibility of your products and brand.

Create A Unique Hashtag

Using a unique hashtag can help you keep track of the conversations that your audience is having. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on running a campaign that will produce a lot of user-generated content. Having a catalog of posts will make it easier for your beauty brand to engage with your audience. Not only will you find followers participating in your campaign, but it will also help anyone interested easily find the conversations or posts related to your business. 

Post Gifs and Videos

If your beauty brand tends to post photos one after the other, you may find your audience getting stagnant. Photos can provide great detail within the image, and you should continue to use them, but consider adding gifs or videos to break up the flow and innovate your feed. Moving pictures keep your audience focused on posts longer, so try stimulating and engaging your audience with fun clips. Video is handy for engagement, so be sure to switch up your content often to stay top of mind.

If your beauty brand business is looking for a change in your social media content, consider getting a consultation from a digital marketing agency!

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