3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Content

Apr 2021

In today’s world, visual content is essential to help spread your message on social media. Not only does it lead to higher engagement rates from your audience, but as humans, we are 65% more likely to remember information if it includes an image. 

Strong visual content on social media gives people a reason to follow, like, comment, and eventually buy your product or services. Are you ready to step up your creative? Dive into three easy tips to improve your visual content on social media today. 


Switch Up Your Visuals 

There are so many different types of content you can share with your target audience. By utilizing stock photos, infographics, charts, videos, and GIFS, the possibilities for getting your message across are endless. 


When designing visuals, it is important to switch it up and use multiple types to keep your audience engaged. Many tools can help you format and design your content like Canva or Photoshop. When laying out your visuals, ensure that you use expressive images and appropriate colors that match your aesthetic and brand. Creating a social media style guide may help you stay within themes and color palettes as you post. 


Be Tasteful With Text 

Text can play an important role in enhancing your visuals. Whether you plan to create images with quotes, stylized typography, or text overlays, remember that less is always more when it comes to word count. 


When placing text in visuals, it should always be bold, legible, and concise. It should add value to your message and should always improve – not obscure – your creative. Keep in mind that font can affect both tone and legibility so choose wisely when you are crafting your posts! 


Encourage Customer Participation 

Utilizing user-generated content on social media is a great way to increase engagement. User-generated content encompasses any text, videos, images, and reviews that are created by people rather than brands. 


If you encourage your target audience to participate in your visual content marketing, it will help you highlight to potential customers that people are excited about your product or service. Pro tip: always be sure to ask for permission and tag appropriately when you want to include user-generated content! 


70% of businesses are predicted to use visual content heavily in their marketing efforts in 2021.


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