3 Tips for Success in the Ever-Changing Social Landscape

Nov 2020

In digital marketing, having a pulse on what’s new and next is imperative to keep a leg up on the competition. 


This year, almost every social media channel has undergone some sort of scrutiny – Twitter for allegations of censorship, TikTok for privacy, Facebook for unjust advertising standards – the list goes on. So, how can you tee your company up for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape?

Tee your business up for success by utilizing digital marketing strategies.

Consider New Channels

If your brand has focused heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as many companies do), see if there are other channels that you haven’t gone “all in” on, but there could be an opportunity. For B2C brands, Snapchat is seeing a comeback for advertisers with 229 million daily active users in 2020 (this is up from 190 million in 2019). For B2B, LinkedIn continues to add new features regularly that may be worth trying out to elevate your brand messaging. 

Leverage Influencers

Word of mouth marketing once was, and often still is, the most powerful marketing tool. In fact, 92 percent of global consumers report that they trust word of mouth and user-generated content pieces more than traditional advertising. 


The modern version of word-of-mouth looks different in the world of social media influencers, but lean into it! Often, it can be as simple as letting influential community members try out your product or service free of charge in exchange for a review that you can then utilize on your website, social media, and email campaigns. 

Don’t Rely Solely On Social

Putting all of your eggs, or advertising dollars, in one basket is never a good strategy, and this is the case for digital marketing. A good digital marketing campaign should utilize a mix of SEO tactics, digital advertising, blogging, email marketing, website management, and social media. Each different campaign you run should have a different strategy behind it and in turn leverage different channels to get the desired results. 


How to Link to Your Website From InstagramIn 2020, audiences spent 10 percent more time on digital platforms than they did in 2019.  

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