How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories for Your Beauty Brand

Nov 2020

Using Instagram Stories is a great way to create engaging content that goes beyond regular posting. This feature encourages engagement from your audience with the use of photos and videos to share valuable information.

If you would like to create more engaging Instagram Stories for your beauty brand, consider using the interactive stickers within your posts. Creating dynamic posts as part of your social media marketing strategy can make a difference in whether or not your audience engages with your content. Follow the advice from a digital marketing agency that specializes in beauty brands to help you drum up engagement for your business’ social media efforts.

Poll Stickers

One of the simplest stickers for Instagram Stories is a poll sticker. This neat polling feature allows you to pose a question and have your audience choose between two options. Not only can you use a poll to interact with your audience, but you can also use their responses as a way to get feedback on new or existing products. Use a poll sticker to better understand your audience’s opinions while having them connect with your brand.

Slider Stickers

A slider is a great indicator for understanding how people feel about something. The great thing about Instagram’s emoji slider sticker is that it makes questions more interesting to answer! This sticker will help your beauty brand gauge how your audience is feeling toward a question or sentiment. Best of all, Instagram allows you to customize the emoji on your slider for a fun and relevant touch to your inquiries.

Question Stickers

One way to get a response from your audience is to allow them to ask you questions. Collect feedback from open responses through the question sticker to give you insight into what your audience is looking for from your brand. When you respond to questions, you have the option to answer them privately through direct messaging or publicly on your Instagram Story to share with others. Keep in mind that other people in your audience may have the same question and will want the answer as well. Answering questions in your Stories may lead to even more audience engagement.

Chat Stickers

Nothing is more engaging than holding an open forum, and this can be achieved through the chat sticker on Instagram Stories. This feature allows you to invite up to 32 people to participate in a conversation with your beauty brand. You have the option to pick who will join, and you can guide the discussion toward topics important to your business goals. Along with bringing your customers and followers into the conversation with exclusive interaction, you can also use this feature as a focus group to gather insights on your brand.


megaphone1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses.

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