3 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Instagram Marketing for Your Small Business:

Feb 2021

Instagram is a platform that revolves around engagement. For businesses, this means it holds the power for you to better connect with those who may be interested in your brand. 


For small businesses, Instagram is a great place to build a loyal customer base. There is more to the platform than just visuals. In addition to showcasing compelling photos, you can tell your story and create an emotional tie with your followers. The platform can also be used to highlight your product to capture leads and sales through various strategies. Here are some additional reasons why you should use Instagram to promote your small business. 


Expand Your Reach 


More visibility means more users finding your brand and taking action to develop a connection. Building a personal relationship with your Instagram audience is crucial. Eventually, this relationship can lead to the purchase of your product. One of the biggest challenges a business can face on social media is reaching the right target audience. Creating relevant hashtags and coming up with a strategy for each post can be a great way to get your content in front of the right people. Your Instagram strategy should consider the message in your copy, optimal posting time, and if your post is compelling enough for your audiences to share your content. Be sure to utilize a specific call to action to convert your audience into a subscriber, follower, email opt-in, or buyer. 


Boost Your Sales  


If you are not using Instagram as an advertising tool, you may be missing out on additional revenue. Unfortunately, posting and using hashtags will only take you so far. The most important aspect of ads is that you can target a specific demographic. Your content will then appear to customers outside of your follower base. Also, you can utilize retargeting to reach customers who have previously visited your website. If this sounds exciting, you may want to consider switching to a business profile on Instagram so that you can promote your posts, and track your success with more in-depth analytics. 


Get Feedback & Collect Data  


One of the best things your small business can do on Instagram is to start practicing the art of generating conversation. When you encourage your audience members to engage, you are collecting precious data that can be used to influence your Instagram marketing strategy in the future. You may be able to gain insight into how your audience feels about your products or brand. Feedback is a great tool to help you further optimize your content.


Instagram is the fourth most downloaded app in the United States.


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