How to Use Video Conferencing to Improve Your Sales

Feb 2021

Video conferencing has more benefits than just keeping your internal staff connected with each other. Video calls can actually help you close more sales. Since March of 2020, sales-related B2B video conferencing has increased by as much as 53%. This is a result of more consumers’ desire for virtual engagements over in-person interactions. These remote interactions help consumers get what they’re looking for from the convenience of their own homes. With this in mind, here’s how you can use video to connect with your audience and improve your sales.

Get More Face Time with Clients

One of the biggest benefits of in-person meetings is the ability to read body language and see facial expressions. Over 93% of your message is conveyed through your tone of voice and body language. Communicating via email or phone eliminates these important indicators and leaves more room for inaccurate interpretation of your message. Video conferencing with prospects is the solution to this problem. These virtual calls will allow you to meet face-to-face and instantly see how your prospect is responding to your conversation. Then, you can more easily control the conversation or adjust your approach to fit their needs. This initial contact also helps in building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Showcase Products and Services with Screen Sharing

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they can see a product or service in action. Video conferencing allows you to provide your prospect an in-person experience. During your call, you can provide an in-depth look at your products or services and immediately answer questions. You can also quickly share written testimonials from other clients and help improve your chances of closing the sale.

Establish Expertise with Webinars

Hosting a webinar is another great video conferencing tool that can help grow your business. During these events, you can invite current customers, prospects, and even referral partners to learn something new. Webinars are great for launching products and services, answering FAQs, and teaching others about your industry. Not only will you gain new leads and potential referral partners, but you can also use your virtual presence as a source of revenue.

Speed Up the Sales Cycle

In the pre-pandemic world, businesses relied on in-person interactions to close the deal. With access to video conferencing, not only can you interact with more prospects and customers, but you can also cut down on the time it takes for them to make a purchase. Your team can easily hop on a call with customers and troubleshoot while simultaneously upselling new products and services. Or provide a live demo during the call. 

Video calls are the way of the future for sales and marketing. These tactics can easily be added to your existing lead generation strategies and implemented in all aspects of your marketing and business development plan.

megaphone31% of video conferencing users said that video communication helps to connect them with customers, clients, or partners more easily.

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