A Guide to Creating the Right Type of Promotional Content

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People use social media to catch up with friends, watch endless tutorials, and stalk way more profiles than they would admit. One of the last things they want to see on their social feed is an overly promotional post from businesses. Facebook also penalizes marketers for this type of content by limiting its visibility in the newsfeed. Avoid being punished by Facebook and your followers by creating rich, creative content that your target audience would enjoy.

Content to Avoid Publishing on Social Media:

  • Content that urges people to signup for a promotion without providing details.
  • Posts that use the same copy and imagery from ads or flyers.
  • Posts that blatantly push people to “buy this product.”

Promoting Without Being too Promotional

1. Showcase your products and services. You don’t have to ask people to shop or purchase to get them to click. It’s actually more effective if you allow your product/services to sell itself. Highlight one of the benefits of your products/services and add a link for your followers to learn more like OYO Fitness does with this post.

Facebook: OYO Fitness

2. Upload pictures or videos of events. A great way of educating your followers about what you offer is to tease them with a clip or still picture from a recent workshop. Tell your followers what the event is about, followed by a thank you to your attendees. You could even pose a question to your followers like FocalPoint New Jersey does below. Get bonus points by streaming a live video on social media!

Facebook: FocalPoint Business Coaching New Jersey

3. Publish tutorials to showcase ways to use your products. Whether your team creates a how-to video in-house, or you work with an influencer to reach a wider audience, tutorials are one of the most genius techniques in social media marketing. You can opt to create a video like Jerome Alexander, or display a series of stills in a graphic. Sharing informational original content shows your followers that you are an expert in your industry and gives your business credibility.

Facebook: Jerome Alexander

4. Share pictures of your team at work. Social media allows you to break the barrier between your business and consumers, giving you the chance to create a lasting connection. Give your followers access to what goes on behind the scenes of your business by sharing employee pictures. Pair your picture or video with a caption explaining their roles and how they can meet the needs of your followers, like Camino Federal Credit Union.

Camino Federal Credit Union

5. Allow your customers to sell for you. If you have a collection of glowing testimonials, display them across your channels. Your current customers can help you expand your customer base with a kind overview of their experience. Momentum Sports Therapy uses a branded graphic with its business’ URL, providing easy access for their followers to learn more about their services.

Facebook: Momentum Sports Therapy

There are many ways to promote your brand without blatantly selling on social media. Think about what your audience wants to know and don’t hesitate to have fun with your content.

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