3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social Media Marketing

Jun 2022

Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social media MarketingSocial media marketing is a great way to begin to build relationships with your new customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also facilitate relationships with your current customers and continue to build loyalty.

With your efforts on these channels, you’ve already got a great social media marketing strategy. Complement it with these three tactics and maximize the results you are getting from your efforts.

Email Marketing

If you love the success of your social media marketing, you’re going to love to ROI on your email! Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media content alone. Using email marketing in your strategy can help you effectively nurture your customer base and build brand loyalty. This is due to the ability to personalize email messages and connect with prospects and customers that are most interested in your business. The people on your email lists are likely current customers, past customers, or those who are curious about your product and opted-in.

Using email, you can boost your loyalty and create long-term customers by offering a variety of assets, including exclusive downloadables, discounts, membership programs, and insider information about your business and offerings. By customizing and personalizing these emails, you will likely see better results from the efforts than the general social media marketing your business may have previously been doing.  

Strategic Partnerships

When business owners think about partnerships, influencers may come to mind. But social media influencers are not the only option for meeting your lead generation goals. Strategic partnerships are made up of other industry leaders or businesses that align with your values and have a similar goal. Creating this partnership allows your company to tap into a new audience and expand your reach in every marketing tactic you apply. Whether you share content on social media or send our emails to your lists, tagging your partner and blasting your message to their audience will help you maximize the results of your campaign. 

SEO and Blogging

Applying SEO tactics to your website and writing blogs are the ideal way to reach your customers organically searching for solutions on Google. Companies that post optimized articles on their website receive 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog. This is because those blogs are filled with highly searched keywords and phrases that users are typing directly into their search bar. These blogs also contain internal links for the company’s website that helps build credibility with these customers. By using these same tactics, you can connect with someone that is closer to purchasing and provide them with all the resources they need to take action. 

Use the success of your social media marketing strategy to test out new tactics like blogging, emails, and partnerships in your upcoming campaigns. Combining these tactics with your current strategy can help you reach an even larger audience and obtain new leads!

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