Transforming Into a Confident Leader Through KWSM‘S Leadership Program

Oct 2020

12 weeks ago, I embarked on a growth journey and began KWSM’s leadership training program. At the start of the process, I tried to imagine the person I wanted to become. What type of leader did I want to be? What areas did I need to grow in? And, in just a few months, I saw myself transform into a confident leader.

Leadership Training

At the start of the leadership training, I identified several things that would help me be successful:

  • My Program Objectives
  • Activities to Prioritize
  • Measurements for Success
  • Key Things to Accomplish and Learn
  • Resources to Support My Journey

My main objective for this program was to grow in confidence and understand the characteristics of a great leader. In order to complete these objectives, I participated in discussion groups and one-on-one mentoring sessions, listened to podcasts, practiced weekly self-assessments, and tried to apply everything I learned to real-life situations. In addition to these tasks, I also recited a daily vision statement to help me channel the leader I wanted to be. My vision statement reads:

I am a confident leader who has the strength and adaptability to overcome any obstacle and can communicate my knowledge and expertise in such a manner that it inspires others to be greater.

Although this statement looks like a handful of words, it was a powerful tool in my growth as a leader. Whenever I was feeling challenged or overwhelmed, I would recite this phrase and recenter myself. Before big meetings or presentations, I would read this aloud and instantly feel confident about my upcoming performance. Although everything in the leadership program was essential to my growth, this vision statement helped me stay focused on who I wanted to be at the end of these 12 weeks.

My Biggest Takeaway

As we moved through each week of the program, I filled my leadership toolbox with everything I needed to be successful, and most importantly, I understood myself better. The key to leadership is self-governance. Self-governance is defined as having control or rule over oneself. This means I’m in control of my emotions, actions, and reactions. This is imperative as a leader. Leaders influence and guide others and by understanding their own emotions and actions. The better you understand yourself,  the better you can understand others around you.

During the final week of the leadership program, I looked again at my vision statement from week one. Although it was still accurate, I refined it to match the leader I had become. My new statement reads:

I am a strong leader with the knowledge and adaptability to efficiently overcome obstacles, confidently make decisions, and effectively inspire others to achieve the best results and grow to their fullest potential.

The KWSM leadership program was one of the best personal and professional experiences I’ve had. Not only did this program train me to be a better leader, but it also helped me become a more confident person in every area of my life.

megaphone83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels.

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