3 Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger For Your Business

Apr 2020

3 Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger For Your BusinessYou may already have a Facebook business account for your company, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Facebook Messenger is a key element in your Facebook business account that can bring you closer to your customers and drive sales to your website. Here are some major benefits you can reap from using the Facebook Messenger tool.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers expect their favorite brands to be online and actively engaging with them. They want their product questions to be answered and mistakes to be resolved right away. Facebook Messenger can help you do just that while protecting your brand. Instead of responding directly to customer complaints on posts, Messenger allows you to take the conversation to a private location. Now, you can personally address your customer’s concerns and help them feel valued. Once you have resolved the problem, feel free to ask them to update their original comment. More customers will see that your brand took the time to help resolve the situation.

Brand Trust

The more transparent you are with customers, the more they will trust your brand. Trust is also built upon your reputation. Your responsiveness will help your customers feel important and continue to choose you over the competition. They may also sing your praises to others and bring in even more business. Engaging via Facebook Messenger allows you to be real with your customers and meet their needs immediately. Whether it’s a product suggestion or return help, your response helps customers feel more confident about your brand.

High-Quality Leads

When a customer contacts you via Facebook Messenger, it instantly creates an opportunity to build a long-term relationship. Every message you send builds trust with your brand and can be the difference between a one-time sale and a life-long shopper. Messenger also gives you the ability to offer exclusive discounts that can entice new customers to make their first purchases. You can also use this tool to reconnect with old customers. Did someone reach out to you a few weeks back? Re-engage them using Messenger. Try introducing a new or similar product or a special offer.


Like many social media platforms, Facebook Messenger is a great tool that can help build your brand. It provides opportunities for relevant conversations during which you can turn fans into loyal customers. 


megaphone1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month.


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