Converting Fans to Prospects on Facebook

Feb 2013

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Facebook is:

How does it generate revenue and convert fans into prospects?

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What you may not be aware of is that Social Media – and Facebook specifically – is easily one of the largest lead generators that a business owner has access to. However, this is not something that happens overnight. Make sure that you are present and responsive to the opportunity. 

When using Facebook for your business, you have to develop a protocol for engaging potential customers. By clicking the ‘like’ button, fans are expressing their desire to hear about your business. They are giving you an avenue of communication everyday by allowing you to appear in their newsfeed along with their friends. That’s a powerful opportunity for a business to establish a relationship with a potential customer. Remember, if someone has taken the time to visit your Facebook Business page, they more than likely have a direct interest in your business.

crowd, people, katie wagner social mediaTurning new connections into customers on Facebook involves taking the time to interact with prospects and let them get to know your business. Begin conversations on your fan page, be responsive, and answer any questions or comments (positive or negative) that come up in a timely fashion. Set a standard for yourself on how many times a day you log into your Facebook account and review your notifications. This is the best way to ensure that you are available to respond to any potential activity within a reasonable time frame.

Nearly 50% of Social Networkers choose to interact with brands online. Be there to engage with them and be resourceful. Keep your channels alive, build relationships, and start bringing in those leads.






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