A Passport You Never Have To Renew

Three completely different platforms release new features with the same goal of helping users to better tell their story. This week in social media news, Snapchat started testing a feature – called Passport – that allows your friends to virtually see where and what you’re up to, while LinkedIn released a new feature that allows you to share the projects you’re most proud of, and Facebook begins to share some transparency with its users.



“Why am I Seeing This Post?”


Sometimes the things that you see on your Facebook timeline can leave you scratching your head. Thoughts like “I haven’t seen them since high school” or “Why is that girl’s posts always at the top of my feed?” are not uncommon thoughts. However, if you’ve scrolled through Facebook since Sunday night, you may have seen a new button that asks, “Why am I seeing this post?” This query addresses those very questions. When you click on the button, you’ll receive an explanation for why Facebook is feeding you that specific posts based off of suggestions and gathered data, such as which groups you’re a part of, posts of people you’ve liked, and your commenting habits.



This comes after many, many months of Facebook in the hot seat for questionably misusing data. In efforts to gain back user’s trust, Facebook is rolling out some new features that offer transparency, such as this new button.





Show Off Your Work on LinkedIn



In the past year, LinkedIn added new features that allowed users to upload documents to their resume, and is now doing one better. As of this week, you can now upload powerpoints and PDF’s directly to your timeline or groups.


Upon the announcement of the newest feature, LinkedIn said, “Documents and presentations are an impactful way to share knowledge with your community and ignite richer conversations on topics you care about. From conference presentations and whitepapers to case studies and playbooks, sharing presentations is a great way to break down complex ideas, tell stories by combining words and images, and allow you to go deeper.”


In other notable news, LinkedIn has also announced a new data partnership with Adobe, which is sure to improve ad targeting in the near future.



Snap Maps and Passports



Snapchat is testing a new status feature for their Snap Map that allows your approved friends to see what you’re up to and your location via your Bitmoji. You can choose to have your Bitmoji lying on the couch, tagged at your house, or holding a sign that says “Text me!” if you’re at the park. This will allow your friends to see your mood and location, and Snapchat will collect your location statuses and organize them into your own “passport” on the app. Location status updates are only visible to the friends you have approved to share location with on the app. This feature is currently being tested by Snapchatters in Australia, and there is no word on when it is expected to roll out completely.

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