Instagram Adds Photo Albums, Snapchat’ Creates Custom Snap Codes, and Facebook Launches Photo AutoTags | Social Media Trends

The lines between Instagram and Facebook are blurring, meanwhile, Snapchat is giving more power to businesses, and Facebook adds a little more AI into the search function. These are the latest trending social media stories you need to know!Instagram Adds Photo Albums, Snapchat’ Creates Custom Snap Codes, and Facebook Launches Photo AutoTags | Social Media Trends

Snapchat’s Custom Snapcodes Are Driving Digital Traffic For Business Owners

 Snapchat is making it easier for businesses to connect with users by rolling out a Quick Response code feature for private businesses.

Snapchat Codes are a scannable barcode that makes it easier for users to add each other with a simple barcode read via smart phone cameras.

The update gives users the ability to instantly follow a business and be launched directly to a company website with a simple scan of the new business code directly from within Snapchat.

This new feature helps businesses connect with younger demographics, a smart move on its part as it may entice businesses of all sizes to utilize the platform in an unprecedented way.

Are you a fan of Snapchat’s personal Snapcodes? How can you utilize this for your business?

Facebook Gives New Life To Photos with “Autotags”

 Imagine being able to upload a photo directly to Facebook and have the platform instantly recognize exactly where you are, whom you are with, and what you are doing?

Thanks to Facebook’s newest AI updates, the future is now.

The platform’s artificially intelligent system, Lumos, will now be able to tell what exactly is going on in a photo, from location to much more without users even having to input any other information on their own other than uploading a photo.

Facebook’s latest blog post also reveals that these “Autotagging” features will soon be made available for video as well.

Instagram Mirroring Facebook With Latest Albums Feature

 If you get a sense of Deja Vu soon while surfing Instagram soon, you are not alone!

The latest feature, which is still in beta mode, allows users to upload multiple photos that will be displayed similarly to Facebook’s carousel ads, giving you the ability to swipe through a series of photos.

Users can upload multiple photos or even video simply by uploading and holding down a photo directly within the app.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s latest “Albums” feature?

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