5 Ways to Grow your Business on Instagram

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Instagram has about 500 million daily users and many businesses are using the platform as an effective brand-building tool.  Instagram has incredible reach so it’s not a mystery why many companies utilize it to grow their business.  If you’re not already on this image-heavy channel, or if you’re looking for some best practices, read on. Below are five tips for growing your business on Instagram.


Use Instagram Sponsored Ads

Ads on Instagram are easy to use and you can easily target your audience based on their interests.  If you’re only just building up your network on Instagram, we’d recommend waiting until your fan base grows a bit more and you can really outline who your audience is.  

Instagram is full of beautiful images, you have to pay attention to the images you’re posting especially for sponsored ads because you want your audience to stop and click.   The more engaging the image, the better.  



Research is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy.  Specifically, it’s important to research your audience.  Who are they and what are they engaging with?  Who do they follow and what are they posting?

Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience is the quickest way to grow your following because you can see your own posts through their eyes. Follow, comment and like as much as you can and be genuine about it.  


Create an Aesthetic

The Instagram accounts with the biggest followings are those that have a great visual aesthetic.  They tell a story and have a purpose.  The images are consistent and they don’t stray from the story.  Research other Instagram accounts within your industry and learn from their strengths and weaknesses.  It’s important to know the story you’re telling before starting.


High-Quality Images Only

Whether you’re sharing images from other accounts or creating your own, you should only be posting high quality and clear images.  Nothing will kill your account faster than a dark, blurry or confusing image.   Nowadays, an iPhone can take high-resolution photos and there are countless editing apps to make your photos look nearly professional.  Focus on good quality images and images that are worth posting.  Don’t post just to post.  Have a plan.


Don’t forget your Hashtags

Research the lifetime and number of hits your hashtags get and then use them on every post.  Make sure they’re relevant because Instagram can freeze accounts that are utilizing hashtags that are unrelated to the image.  It’s also important to keep in mind a number of times you use the same hashtag, as this can also cause Instagram to either lock you out of your account or blacklist you from using the hashtag.  To keep your captions clean, post a comment to your posts with at least ten relevant hashtags.

Instagram is one of our favorite platforms and we believe in its power as a brand-building channel.   Click HERE for tips on how to use Instagram to your advantage.

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