3 Ways To Utilize Notes On Facebook

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In a Newsfeed filled with quick status updates and easy-to-read posts, where do Notes fit in on Facebook?

Notes is a simple text editor that allows you to publish documents or blog entries on Facebook.

While Facebook Notes have been an almost dormant feature on Facebook for some time, but with the introduction of a new action prompt on business pages, it looks like the channel is putting the feature back in the spotlight and encouraging users to utilize it.

At a loss when thinking of ways where you should write longhand on Facebook? Don’t worry; there are some great ways to use Facebook Notes to your advantage.


Make A Statement

If you have a large Facebook following and big news to share, consider sharing your news in a Note. This is ideal for publishing press releases, addressing negative attention, and announcing any big changes or major company news. For example, if your new company president has some exciting changes to announce, a Note could be a great place to let your Facebook audience know about what’s to come. Additionally, even if you have a newsletter system in place to send out regular updates, a Facebook Note allows that information also to live on Facebook and reach your social audience directly.


Boost Your Blog

If you already have a blog, Facebook Notes can help drive additional traffic to your website. Instead of posting a link to your blog on your business page as a status update, write a quick summary or tease of the blog post with a link to the original post on your website. This will allow readers to get an idea of what your blog post is about without completely spoiling the entire article, allowing you to still drive website traffic from Facebook. And since Facebook tends to reward content that is uploaded directly to its interface, a Facebook Note’s organic reach may do much better than a direct link, allowing more of your audience to see your content.

More Is More

For all those occasions where a simple status update or photo caption can’t cut it, a Facebook Note may be the solution. Unlike status updates, Notes don’t have a limited character length and give Facebook users the additional ability to format, tag other users, and insert pictures. With all of these capabilities, it’s easy to get creative. Write a small summary of a charity event you attended and provide the link to a Facebook album at the end of your Note or provide step-by-step instructions for how to install a product, complete with pictures.


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