3 Easy Ways to Share Your Blog with More People

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You finally worked up the courage! You’ve gone all in to share your thoughts and inner-most feelings with the world by blogging. But hitting the “publish” button isn’t the end of blogging – you must maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by sharing it with the right audiences. So how do you standout amongst all the noise to amplifying your message to a greater audience? Think of these three tips as the microphone, megaphone, and speakers that will better broadcast your blog.


Blog aggregates are a smart tool to introduce your blog to new readers interested in topics relating to your blogs. StumbleUpon allows users to discover new content as they literally stumble upon blogs and articles that relate to topics personalized to their tastes. Create a free account, and simply choose “Add Page” and paste your blog’s link to submit your blog! Pick at least three categories pertinent to your blog.. The discovery engine will soon start suggesting your content to those interested in your blog’s related topics.

LinkedIn Pulse

While sharing your blog on your business’ LinkedIn company page is beneficial, you can also brand yourself as an author and thought leader on LinkedIn. Publishing your blog on your own personal LinkedIn profile as a post on Pulse will extend your potential audience to more than just your group of personal connections. While there are several benefits to publishing on Pulse, one lies in the rich SEO value. Google often indexes popular LinkedIn posts higher than those from a personal blog. If your blog post is longer than 300 – 500 words, write a short version and link to the full version hosted on your website.

Social Media Profiles

If you have something important to say, shout it across the social media rooftops! You’ve found your authentic voice, now it’s time to make it heard, by sharing it on every channel that represents your brand. After posting on Facebook and Google Plus, ask a question in the post to entice readers to read your blog for the answer. Does your brand use Twitter? Create six to ten tweets to send out sporadically about your blog, each talking about key points in your blog in a different manner. Also use unique images in each tweet. If you use Instagram, post a photo that represents what your blog is about, add the link to your Instagram profile bio, and then guide your audience to the link in the supporting text of that photo..

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