Why The Museum of Ice Cream Is Blowing Up On Social Media

museum of ice cream

I scream; you scream! Apparently, we’re all screaming for ice cream, because the Museum of Ice Cream is taking social media by storm.

A flurry of online articles, social media influencer sightings, and general buzz for the latest craze has incited a craving for tickets to the frozen treat’s museum home.

So what? You may be thinking. It’s just ice cream! True, but there’s a method to the madness. Here’s the full scoop on why so many people are melting for the Museum of Ice Cream:



It’s Sprinkled With Sensational Sights

museum of ice cream sprinkles room

With a banana split room, scratch and sniff walls, and a pool of rainbow sprinkles to dive into, what isn’t sensational about the Museum of Ice Cream? When the founders of the museum decided to commit to their ice cream theme, they stuck with it like a tried and true favorite flavor. But let’s get one thing straight; it’s not your traditional museum. It’s part art installation part sweet shop and features ten ice cream-themed exhibitions as well as a steady flow of treats for guests sprinkled throughout the visit. It’s wild, imaginative, incredibly fun, and designed to be the backdrop for your next Instagram post.

The Social Media Scoop: Aesthetically pleasing venues, bright colors, and buzz-worthy backdrops are absolutely Instagram-worthy. Just look at #studiodiywallcrawl! When what you’re marketing naturally draws people in and gets them posting, that’s free social media press.


There’s Flavor of the Week Appeal


My favorite ice cream place is Stricklands, and one thing that will forever keep me tuned into what they’re doing is their Flavor of the Day calendar. By featuring a few freshly made flavors every day, the Stricklands team keeps its customers on their toes and coming back for more. The Museum of Ice Cream sings a similar tune with its pop-up appeal: Its original location opened in Manhattan last summer and sold out 30,000 tickets with a waiting list of 200,000. And just like its New York location, the short pop-up event is only open for a limited time at its Los Angeles location from April 22 to May 29 this year. It’s just more proof that when you offer something for only a limited amount of time, the clamor and commotion is real.

The Social Media Scoop: Flash sales and exclusive deals offered only on social media will keep your fans alert and asking for more. This helps to boost your following and keep your audience engaged.


We Were Given A Free Sample


The public was given a small sampling of the museum through social media influencer marketing. If a few of your favorite bloggers happen to tour through a new venue, it’s enough to make you do a double-take on top of your double tap on Instagram.

Allowing for a social media soft opening gave people the inside scoop on what’s to come, building excitement and buzz around the Ice Cream Museum and its many bright-colored attractions.

The Social Media Scoop: Collaborating with influencers can give your business a huge leg-up when it comes to spreading brand awareness. When you work with a social media influencer, your business gains access to their audience and your brand also earns a credible endorsement from someone whose audience trusts them.


It’s Relatable


Unite people under a common love for something, and watch the love come back to you. A large part of social media is being able to connect with your audience on some common ground. If you’re able to make yourself or your brand relatable, that’s a foundation you can build off of to establish a true connection. The Museum of Ice Cream takes the simple, popular concept of ice cream and transforms it into something able to be both marketed and celebrated. But who are we kidding? At the end of the day, it’s about having fun. Who doesn’t like ice cream?

The Social Media Scoop: Social media is about relating to your audience and making a genuine connection. Remember, it’s all about humans connecting with humans, so find the balance between maintaining professionalism and making your brand relatable in order to find the sweet spot for success.


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