The 4 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Billionaire Kylie Jenner

makeup eye shadowIf anyone can vouch for the power of social media marketing it’s Kylie Jenner. Did you know that the Lip Kit Queen makes an estimated $1 million dollars for every sponsored Instagram post she creates? We’d say she’s earned it considering her consistency and social media game has brought her 114 million followers on Instagram. Whether you’re a fan of the 21-year-old reality star or not, no one can deny her power over social media. When you diss a platform (cough, cough, Snapchat) one day and their stock plunges the next, you hold some serious power, my friend.



Obviously, the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is doing many things right. Here are a few key lessons we can learn from Kylie to step our social media game up.

She Found Her Niche

Kylie found out what was working and ran with it. She’s previously mentioned in interviews that lipsticks from other brands would sellout once she posted a photo wearing it, which was a gateway to her business plan. She stumbled upon a strategy that worked for her and mastered it to grow her business and platforms.

She’s All About Balance

If you stumble upon Kylie’s social media accounts, you’re not going to see lip kits after lip kits. Kylie’s not afraid to promote as well as play on her platforms. It keeps her relatable—well, to a degree. She is Kylie Jenner after all. But a lot of her audience is most likely to toss an eye roll her way if all she posted were promotional content about her makeup products. So she throws in some fashion, a little partying and teases us with glimpses of her adorable daughter, Stormi. She knows that her fans want a front row seat to her lifestyle, and she certainly delivers through the story she tells on social media.

She Keeps Her Audience’s Interest

We all know Kylie, has no trouble grabbing her audience’s attention. Whether it’s posting ‘no-makeup’ selfies, or posting results of her more risqué homemade photo shoots, you can count on Kylie to make your head turn. Her Instagram page remains true to its vibrant aesthetics and her photos are always high quality. And if you need a little caption inspiration, Kylie’s your gal, especially if the voice of your brand is playful and witty.

She’s Not Afraid of a Collab

Whether it’s with her sisters or another influencer, Kylie doesn’t shy away from collaborations. Even though her sister Kim also has a makeup line, they have proved that lighting someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours any dimmer. In some ways, the sisters are considered competitors, but their collaborations have only helped one another in the long run. Cross promoting between their pages has likely intrigued the followers of both their platforms, which bring more attention to both of their channels and can lead to more sales. Kylie has shown up for tutorials on the channels of several beauty YouTubers, which obviously sends their views up and presents her as an expert in the industry—win/win.

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