Staying Organized in the Social Media World

Staying Organized in the Social Media WorldManaging your company’s social media accounts isn’t always a walk in the park (there’s a reason companies pay us to do it for them!). Between staying up-to-date on current trends, posting engaging content on a regular basis, and networking with your audience, it can sometimes feel like you’re herding cats. So how do you combat this? Get organized! These tips are a great starting point if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Create a Content Calendar

First and foremost, you need a content calendar. Figuring out what kinds of content you’re going to post on the fly can be time-consuming, but a content calendar can help cut down the time by giving you a framework to go off of. It should include all your social networks and the types of content you’ll be posting on each one and on what day. For example, on Mondays, your content will include a link to your website. And be flexible! Sometimes things will come up that force you to stray from this guide – and that’s okay!

Create Content Ahead of Time

If you have time, create your content ahead of time. This will not only help you stick to your posting schedule; it eliminates the frenzy that can ensue when you’re extra busy and might be tempted to post something just for the sake of posting, rather than sharing engaging and strategic content. But remember – creating content ahead of time and scheduling your content to be posted are not one and the same! It’s good to be ahead of the game, but keep it in a Word document or file and take the time to post it live.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts makes it easy to find interesting and relevant content. You can set up an alert for almost anything, and Google will notify you when it comes across content that fits your keywords. It’s also an effective tool to manage your online presence and listen to conversations about your brand and competitors. Want to know if other sites are linking to you, quoting you, supporting you, or complaining about you? Google Alerts is the answer.

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Set a Time Limit for Each Task

It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole when you’re working in social media. At first, you’re logging into Twitter to check your notifications and the next thing you know two hours have passed, and you’re up to your neck in the Twitter universe. It’s happened to the best of us. And while it okay to spend time networking, you want to make sure you’re using your time to be as productive as possible. Setting time limits will help you stick to your tasks and check off all those to dos on your list.


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