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Not too long ago, many companies believed social media was nothing more than a fad that wasn’t worth investing time into. But with more than 1.5 billion users on Facebook, 400 million on Instagram, and 320 million on Twitter, that “fad” proved to be so much more than just hype. And while most people have come to accept that social media is here to stay, there are still some misconceptions about this medium. Building a social strategy around flawed information only sets your business up for failure. It’s time to separate fact from fiction; we’re debunking the most common social media myths so you can create a social strategy that works.

MYTH: You Have To Be On Every Channel

Having a profile on a social site simply because that site exists is not a good enough reason to be there. Brands need to focus their efforts where they can be most effective. That means choosing social platforms that work for your company and make sense for your brand. Find out where your target audience lives. For example, if you’re marketing to men age 45-60, you probably don’t need a Pinterest account. Once you’ve narrowed down the top sites where you want to exist, develop a strategy specific to each.

MYTH: Post Content and People Will Engage
While it’s true content is king, it’s not the only piece of the social media puzzle. Even quality content can get lost in all the social network chatter. If you want your brand to stand out, you need to be actively engaged with your audience. That means interacting with your current followers, finding new followers, and discovering the most effective ways to maintain your connections.

MYTH: The More Content, The Better

It’s never a good idea to bombard social media users with content. While some social platforms (such as Twitter) require more frequent content, no one wants their social feed spammed. If you’re posting too frequently, you run the risk of driving away your audience. There’s no magic number when it comes to posting. The best way to keep your audience interested is by posting regularly and using analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

MYTH: The Bigger The Following, The More Successful The Brand

People love numbers, especially if they’re big ones. The belief that bigger is better often leads brands to believe their success is dependent upon the amount of Likes and Followers they receive. But just because you have 10,000 followers doesn’t mean your social strategy is working. There’s very little value in having thousands of followers who aren’t in your target demographic or don’t have an interest in your brand. Just because they Like your photos doesn’t mean they’re going to buy your products. If you really want to determine how well your brand is performing, there are more important analytics such as engagement rates, impressions, and link clicks.

It’s time to let go of your misconceptions and get in the social media game! For more ways to boost your brand with social media, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.








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