Our Favorite Evergreen Video Trends

Evergreen content is timeless. It’s the type of content that is relevant now and will continue to be relevant long after it is published. It can show up in a variety of formats, such as instructional videos, product reviews, case studies, and much more. Leaders in online video are fluent in these evergreen genres and have found ways to weave them into their programming. Today, we’re sharing our top 3 favorite evergreen video trends that consistently pull in views and strong engagement.


How-to Videos

How-to videos are a great way to show viewers how your product works. From detailed instructional videos to creative and unique ways to use your product, videos help viewers visualize how they can integrate your product into their lifestyle. Influencers such as Bunny Meyers created a series of “Does This Thing Really Work” videos to share her insight on unique items you’d typically find on infomercials. With each video driving well over 1 million views, she began posting a different item to review each week.


A Day in the Life of

We’re beginning to notice more and more vlogs across social media. Many brands introduce their businesses through vlogs because it provides a behind-the-scenes look at their company culture, while also giving viewers a taste of what their product is all about. The more you humanize your business, the more trustworthy you appear and the more customers you will gain. So take an extra step beyond the typical About Me page on your website, and create a real-life experience that your potential clients will find interesting and relatable.



How many times have you shopped online and discarded a purchase because it either had a 1-star review or no reviews at all? Consumers need validation. Reviews are organic and will benefit both you and the consumer. Honest feedback will not only help validate a purchase, but it will also help your team continue to learn and make improvements to your products.


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