Manteresting: Pinterest the Manly Way?

social media agency orange county Have you heard about the new social media channel geared specifically towards men? It’s called Manteresting and it’s generating a fair amount of buzz in the social media world. It is very similar to Pinterest, except that’s marketed at manly men and the things they find…well…manteresting.

Apparently the cute photos of kittens and dresses and recipes on Pinterest made men who wanted to share photos of knives and guns and meat feel unwelcome. So, to provide a more “man approved” outlet for sharing interesting things on the internet, the site’s creators decided to develop Instead of “liking” and “pinning”, users “nail” and “bump” to share their interests. And rather than using “pin boards” to curate their collections, they use  “work benches” instead. The color scheme is also darker than Pinterest, sticking with a simple black wood grain background.

The site began in 2012, but has only recently gathered steam with the launching of the new updated pages in March of 2013. The company’s founders, two young  twenty-something tech types, have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of being a “clone based business”. They respond to the sites critics by saying that “there would be no Facebook if [the creators of Facebook] didn’t piggy-back off of the Myspace idea” and that “…it will be up to the users to decide whether or not they have a problem with it. We wanted to create something that our buddies would want to be active on and form a sort of community around and we’re happy to be doing just that.”

Manteresting is not the only site going for the “men only” social media vibe. Sites like have also tried their hand at capturing a bearded audience. However, with over 250,000 “nails” to date, it seems like the Manteresting site will remain the most viable one. However, it is very unlikely to come close to matching the success of Pinterest, which was obviously the site’s source of inspiration (mansperation?).

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