The Ins and Outs of Twitter's New Analytics

Jun 2013
Real Twitter Bird
Exciting Twitter news! No, the Twitter bird isn’t real (we wish!), but Twitter now has analytics for all its users! Thanks @mayamangjeff for the photo!

Have you heard the news? Twitter analytics are now available to not just paid advertisers, but to all tweeters!  Getting to the actual analytics page, though, is a little tricky. Here’s a guide on how to find and navigate your way through Twitter analytics. Note: Your Twitter account must be public and active in order for these metrics to work.









First, go to, and log in using your Twitter credentials.

Twitter Analytics Log In

Click on “Analytics” and then choose “Timeline Activity”

 Twitter Analytics Navigation

In “Timeline Activity,” you’ll be able to see analytics on every single one of your tweets. Which one of your tweets was most successful and got replies or retweets? You can also track how many people unfollowed you and when. Did a lot of people suddenly all ditch you on one day? Maybe it was something you tweeted! Go back to that date and see specifically what you wrote.  Use this tool a guide to structure your future tweets so you can better connect and engage with other users.

Twitter's New Analytics Timeline Activity


The “Followers” tab will pull up analytics on all of your Twitter followers. This chart is a great way to assess your audience on Twitter. Take a good look at the data and see if you’re right on target with whom you want to be speaking to.  Do your followers have the same interests as you and your company? Are your followers located in the same geographical area as your office? Have you been gaining as many followers as you would like?

 Twitter's New Followers Analytics


These are all questions that you should always be asking in regards to your Twitter strategy. Now, with Twitter analytics, this information is readily available for you to analyze and work upon. If you feel like your demographic is missing your target, refine your Twitter strategy and do something about it.

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