Long Live Social Media Lists: Facebook Adds Popular Feature

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If you are an avid blogger or a reader of blogs, you no doubt are familiar with Listicles, write-ups on social that offer you content like, “the 27 best vacation spots,” or “the 18 famous athletes with their own brands.”   Facebook is bringing the popular format to its platform. It’s one of the social media stories in the news this week.

Facebook Launches New Feature, Lists

You love to read them: Lists! Those popular debate starters are all over the Internet. After all, you planned on having a heated debate with your BFF about which actor is the greatest superhero portrayer ever.Photo Credit: Instagram / ritainspace

Facebook is recognizing the format’s popularity and is now adding the List feature as one of the options you can choose when making a post. Their thought is that the lists will start user conversations that will lead to more comments and likes between friends. Facebook even gives some suggestions for lists such as “Little things that make me smile,” “My worst habits,” and “The best advice I‘ve ever received.” Right now, it appears this feature will only be available on personal pages and not business pages. Facebook recently announced the importance of content that creates engagement, and it hinted that content that isn’t shared or commented on would be displayed less.

New Snapchat Analytics Vastly Improved Over Previous

Snapchat is releasing new analytics aimed at helping original content creators track performance.   Up until now, users were only able to get numbers on the daily Story view counts before they disappeared. This was initially done to appease advertisers who wanted to know what they were spending their money on. The new set of analytics can now count story views, time viewing the stories in a past week, month, or year, and audience interests and demographics such as gender and age. There doesn’t seem to be a way to provide a custom date range, which is also a problem that Instagram has. Regardless, this is a vast improvement and should improve a user’s account performance as they use their accounts to attract advertisers.   Snapchat has experienced a wave of users that participate in their ads program flocking to Instagram because they can make more money.

Instagram Testing Story Screenshot Warning

Do you like to check out an ex’s Instagram or do you and your circle look up your frenemies? Instagram may be calling you out for your snoopiness.

Instagram is testing a feature that will give users a message that someone has taken a screenshot of their story. The feature works two-fold. The user taking the screenshot of the photo will receive a warning that says the next time they take a screenshot of their friend’s story, the friend will be able to tell they did it. Also, when the friend scrolls through the list of users who have viewed their story, there will be a camera icon next to the user’s name that will indicate a screenshot had been taken. The friend won’t receive any additional messages and will have to rely on the list solely.

How will this change your habits? For businesses, this could lead to lead gen, if people are taking screenshots of your products.

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