LinkedIn Unlinks Annoying Messages

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Photo Credit: @procterrrrr
Photo Credit: @procterrrrr

This week the social media giants are all about simplifying your daily tasks. No, they’re not going to do your grocery shopping but one platform has created a mission control space for multiple profiles while another is helping you clear out your inbox. Here’s a look at what you might’ve missed in social media news this week.

Google Streamlines Profiles

On Tuesday, Google announced a new tool called About Me that is perfect for people managing multiple profiles under the search engine behemoth. The changes you make on this hub will auto-update your information across related accounts like Drive, Photos, Google+, YouTube and more. If you have a Google account, your About Me page has already been created using information pulled from your other Google profiles. This information may include your name, picture, gender, work history, and birthday. Your profile can be edited but the only way to delete the page is to delete your Google accounts. The company also allows you to start a “privacy checkup” on this page, which provides you with an overview of all your privacy settings on the service.

LinkedIn Unlinks Annoying Messages

The number one social media networking site for professionals has debuted a device that could prevent their own demise. On Wednesday, LinkedIn revealed Air Traffic Controller. In a blog post the company explained, ATC guarantees “an immediate improvement to both the quantity and quality of communications you receive from LinkedIn.” In simpler terms, you should hopefully start getting less spammy emails and more messages you might actually want to read. As you might remember, earlier this year a group of users took the company to court for swamping their inboxes with unsolicited emails and LinkedIn was forced to fork out millions of dollars in damages.

Insta-celeb Turns Her Back on Fame

Self-proclaimed “social media celebrity” Essena O’Neill has gone viral in the past week or so, saying social media is fake and contrived. The Aussie teen made headlines after changing the captions of her nearly 2,000 pictures to say things like “contrived perfection made to get attention” before deleting her accounts. The intention of social media can be as diverse as the people who use it. We hope O’Neill’s extreme actions will not cast a negative light on social media but instead empower more people to post content that is genuine and authentic.

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