LinkedIn Boosts User Presence With Trending Topics Update

LinkedIn Boosts User Presence With Trending Tropics Update
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If you’ve been struggling to expand your reach and generate sales and leads on LinkedIn recently, listen up!

A new update to its popular ‘Trending Topics’ module is the answer you’ve been looking for, and we’re going to let you in on a little secret to get the most out of this powerful little tool.

Meanwhile, Facebook is announcing that all Pages can now officially create ‘Linked Groups,’ and Twitter is giving users the power to filter their notifications and subscription content like never before in this week’s social media trending stories.

Groups For Pages Going Public

 Facebook is banking on the power of community, officially opening up ‘Groups’ for all artists, bands, businesses and even newspapers.

The social giant has recently announced that all Pages worldwide will now have the ability to create their own linked groups, providing another platform for users to promote their businesses and generate leads like never before.

Facebook is taking the new feature one step further, with plans to roll out a new group analytics tools that will give users even deeper insight into their communities and audiences. It’s time to start thinking about how you can leverage the power of Facebook group’s to generate engagement and buzz around your brand.

Twitter Takes Out The Garbage With Notification Filters

 Have you ever thought about throwing your $500+ smartphone directly toward the nearest wall due to the bombardment of notifications you get from Twitter?

You’re not alone.

Twitter will now allow users to disable notifications from other users who they don’t follow as well as users with a new account.

Direct messaging on the platform is getting some new options as well, funneling messages from users who are not connected into a new “Requests” folder.

Twitter’s newest filtering efforts may also have a direct impact on marketers as well, as its algorithm has been updated to filter out tweets it may consider “spam” or redundant, so be sure your content is sharp.

LinkedIn Promises to Boost Online Presence

LinkedIn is a powerful tool when it comes to professional networking and lead generation, and its latest ‘Trending Topics’ module promises to take user reach to new heights.

The platform’s news feed feature has provided users with relevant and real-time trending content, but a new ‘What People Are Talking About’ feature is taking things one step further with a variety of relevant trending top professional news stories.

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You can now leverage this feature by clicking on a relevant story to your industry and can chime in by sharing your thoughts as a status update. LinkedIn will populate the correct hashtag and add the status to the bank of other comments in the thread.

It is tough to stay up to date on trending social news, so we’re doing all the work for you!

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