Instagram Trumps Snapchat’s ‘Stories.’ Twitter Testing Support Bot, Snapchat Sharing User Location With Advertisers | Social Media Trends

In a scenario fit for a scene straight out of Game Of Thrones, Snapchat has knelt before Instagram and handed over its crown as the social media giant has taken the stories throne surpassing 200 million daily active users. Instagram Trumps Snapchat’s ‘Stories.’ Twitter Testing Support Bot, Snapchat Sharing User Location With Advertisers | Social Media Trends

Meanwhile, Twitter is taking the A.I. race to the next level, and Snapchat is giving advertisers more ad firepower with user location information.

These are the latest social media trends you need to know.

Twitter Test Drives New A.I. Supported Chat Bot

 Skynet.. is that you?

Taking the integration of A.I. into social media one step further, Twitter is currently testing out a new automated support feature under the handle “@Support.”

Twitters users can test out the feature themselves by simply starting a new tweet thread regarding general inquires such as online abuse support, etc.

While the bots current services are limited, the new feature offers a telling look into the future of E-commerce and social media’s A.I. capabilities.

How do you see your online community benefiting from this new era of technology?

Snapchat To Give Marketers Access To User Location

Do you always feel like someone’s watching you? You’re not alone.

 Popular photo and video sharing platform Snapchat has recently unveiled a new marketing feature titled “Snap To Store.”

The clever ad product allows marketers to develop custom ad filters which then provides complete user tracking feedback, such as the number of times users viewed and interacted with a filter as well as how many times users actually visited the promoted location.

Popular chains Wendy’s and 7-Eleven have already experienced great success with the beta versions of the feature.

Now that’s what we like to call fast cash in a snap!

Instagram Reigns Supreme With Stories

 It’s official: Facebook-owned Instagram has surpassed Snapchat after breaking over 200 million daily active users!

In a striking blow to the original “snap and send” platform, Instagram’s assault on Snapchat proves that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and it boasts the results to prove it!

The photo sharing platform is showing no signs of slowing down either, recently releasing a series of fun photos editing features and stickers that provide users the chance to express themselves, while at the same time giving advertisers a competitive edge with custom ads integrated directly into the Stories feature.

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