3 Ways to Use Vibrant Photos to Enhance Social Media Storytelling

Apr 2017

It’s no secret that great marketers are also extraordinary storytellers. But, how do you tell a captivating story with few or no words at all? A normal human brain processes pictures nearly 75,000 times faster than print. When your business shares a photo, your followers decide within seconds if they want to see more. When done correctly, visual storytelling has the power to create engagement, build social communities and foster brand loyalty and relationship cultivation with clients and customers. Here are three ways your business can use visual stories to engage your audience and attract new customers:

Bring your Products to Life with Images

Simply put, people want to see pictures in their social media feeds. Stories don’t have to rely solely on text to communicate a message or leave a lasting impression. More consumers than ever before are turning to quick-moving social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, which encourage users to create a message using limited text.

MAC Cosmetics used this picture on Instagram to emphasize how their products fit into their customers’ most vivid dreams.

Photo credit: @maccosmetics

Showcase your Businesses’ Other Story

A vibrant image can tell a more powerful story than the best writer ever could. If your goal is to give consumers or clients a snapshot of your company culture, and inside look at product creation or celebrating milestone moments, photos are the way to go. Imagery deeply connects fans to your brand, which creates trust through a sneak peek into the routine operation of your business. More importantly, showing your fans another perspective provides more personal ways to foster that connection.

Jimmy Kimmel Live uses video on Twitter to show a lighter side of the show that truly connects with its audience. Sharing casual, behind the scenes moments makes TV stations, companies, and their teams appear more relatable.

Photo credit: @jimmykimmellive

Deliver to a Well-Defined Audience

Is your customer demographic primarily female? Then, you’ll likely find their collecting ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest is a go-to destination for women ages 18-49 with interests in fashion, beauty, food and home décor. Pinterest’s buy button is a great way for companies to capitalize on sales. By featuring beautiful images of your products, your business can seamlessly use Pinterest as a tool to drive website traffic.

West Elm delivers compelling information to its female customers on Pinterest with photos that provide wedding and interior design tips. The simple, yet elegant, images help increase sales by encouraging their followers to purchase products online or in store.

Photo credit: @westelm

Are you struggling to create a meaningful connection with fans and followers on social media? Check out our Instagram page for inspiring photo ideas.



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