Inside KWSM: Flee from the Escape Room With Our Talented Team!

Here at KWSM, we understand the value of collaboration. From the web development team, to the content crew, to the video production department, we know that being able to work well together is essential to what we do. That’s why for our recent team outing, we chose to solve the mystery of the Vacation Vandals at the Escape Room! As two mini-teams playing the role of eager vacationers, we set out to unlock a series of clues and puzzles to free ourselves from a ransacked travel agency and get back on track to our destination!

Photo: @KWSMteam
Photo: @KWSMteam


Divide and Conquer

Ok, I know, this goes against exactly what I just wrote as far as the importance of teamwork. However, part of being a functional team means understanding that not everyone can participate on the same project. In fact, efficiency is much higher when you are able to work on multiple initiatives at one time. In terms of escaping the travel agency, it was clear within our first few minutes of problem solving that the clues were not sequential, and that we would be better served by splitting into small groups to save time.

Know Your Strengths

The reality of working in a group of people, even when all those people hold the same title or are doing the same work, is that everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses. This is not a pitfall- it’s an advantage! Assigning tasks based on areas of skill allows everyone to contribute in the way that’s most satisfying for them. This may not be the best method when trying to grow your skills, but it’s a very efficient one when you’re locked in a room with only 45 minutes to escape!

Encourage One Another

It may seem obvious, but verbal affirmations are a very important and unifying factor for a team. Communication in general is vital to your success; however, words of encouragement will take you much further than focusing on what doesn’t work. Staying positive and acknowledging good work reinforces good behavior, motivates everyone to continue working diligently, and fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie.

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