Get Creative With Facebook Canvas Ads

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is grabbing – and holding – audience attention. But what if you could grab complete attention of your audience, with no distraction or newsfeed noise…thanks to Facebook’s newest advertising option, you can.

Designed exclusively for mobile viewing, Facebook Canvas is a new and fully immersive advertising experience. When clicked, the ad fills an entire smartphone or tablet screen, combining images, video, and carousel to create a visual story. Think of it like creating a mini-landing page in your target audience’s Facebook feed. According to Facebook, 53% of users that open a Canvas ad view at least half of it, and the average view time per ad is a whopping 31 seconds! Still not convinced? Just keep reading…

53% of users that open a Canvas ad view at least half of it with an average view time of 31 seconds! Click To Tweet


It’s Effective

Standard Facebook ads open a new browser window when clicked, which can take several seconds to load, often leading to users to exit the window and abandon ship. With Canvas, the ad opens immediately within Facebook, so you connect with your audience quickly and effectively.

It’s Engaging

With Canvas’ advanced visual features (video, tilt-to-view panoramic, and image carousels) you can create an interactive storytelling experience while teaching them about your brand.

It Converts

Canvas ads allow users to add product catalogues and “Buy Now” call-to-actions that can send users directly to a checkout page. Sprinkling CTA’s throughout your ad makes it easy for viewers to take the next step in the conversion process at any point during their experience. This can help ensure that users take the next step instead of dropping off before clicking through to your website.


It’s time to let your creative juices flow! Be creative and think of unique ways to get your audience interested and involved. After all, the more engaged your user, the longer they’ll click through your ad and the more likely they’ll be to click through to your website.

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