New Program in the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

Katie Wagner Social Media is proud to announce that our friends over at TAALK (Talk about Abuse to Liberate Kids) have launched their first-ever, proprietary program to help combat child sexual abuse.  TAALK, a worldwide organization fighting against child sexual abuse and helping support sexual abuse survivors through their healing processes, have designed a program to train adults on how to identify and recognize “grooming behaviors” that child molesters commonly use to gain access to our children.

KWSM has close ties with Web Wise Kids, a non-profit organization that creates games for youth that helps educate them to make sound decisions in their digital lives, and we ourselves are advocates for youth safety on the Internet and in real life.  So when the recent Pennsylvania State University scandals broke out, it hit us very close home. We know that what happened at Penn State is not an isolated event; abuse continues to happen throughout faith organizations, sports leagues, schools and organizations that are supposed to protect children.

Child abuse is preventable. 39 million cases and years of research have proven that there are distinct patterns that child molesters exhibit before any abuse takes place.  With the right training, individuals and organizations can learn to set and enforce boundaries that make it virtually impossible for those grooming behaviors to be used. Predators will choose to go elsewhere.

TAALK’s new CSA Best Practices™ Training targets youth serving organizations. But because we all play a part in the solution, future trainings will be released to target additional segments of the community. When adopted as a formal policy, CSA Best Practices™ enable objective enforcement of boundaries. The policy applies equally to all, without the opportunity to be swayed by any individual based on trust, respect, power, status or money.

We hope that all organizations across the nation will adopt the CSA Best Practices™ system to help prevent child sexual abuse.  We send our best wishes to TAALK and we will continue to stand in solidarity with their fight against child sexual abuse.

For more information about TAALK and the CSA Best Practices™ Program, please visit

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