Facebook Puts Brand Safety First With New Creative Standards

Fake news? Abusive content? Annoying clickbait?

Facebook Puts Brand Safety First With New Creative Standards
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Facebook is doing everything in its power to make its community a safer one, and taking the necessary steps by holding advertisers accountable with new “monetary eligibility” standards.

Meanwhile, Instagram is showing the rest of the social media community that it’s a leader when it comes to video, and Twitter is catering to night owls everywhere with a new “Night Mode” in this week’s social media trends.

Video is King In Instagram Land

 Are you one of the countless Instagram users who sits in bed scrolling through your feed only to realize more than two hours have gone by while your eyes have been glued to each and every video (and ad) that lands on your phone?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In fact, your behavior on the photo and video sharing social juggernaut falls in line with the other 700 million daily active users, and the numbers prove it.

Instagram users love video. So much so, that video engagement has grown 53% since 2016!

It comes as no surprise then that publishers are cashing in on the video craze, especially after Instagram added new features such as “Story” full-screen autoplay.

Twitter Brings Night Mode To Desktop

If you’re a devout Twitter fan just like us, then your eyes will be delighted to know that the platform has just made it’s popular “Night Mode” available on desktop.

The feature, which has been available via mobile for some time now, allows users to toggle between their normal settings and a “low light” setting that automatically converts the platforms web interface to a darker color spectrum that is much easier on the eyes.

Accessing Night Mode is simple. Click on your profile image and select night mode at the bottom the drop down menu and voila!

Facebook To Standardize Monetization Eligibility

 Social Media juggernaut Facebook is leaving no room for questions when it comes to what type of content can be monetized through its current ads manager.

In response to user complaints regarding spam and “fake news,” new guidelines are being put into place to ensure that ads are not being abused.

An official post from Facebook clearly states that any pages or businesses creating ads that promote the sharing of click-bait articles and false or misleading news or promotions will ultimately lose the ability to post ads permanently.

As an advertiser or publisher, it is critical to understand these new guidelines to ensure you do not fall victim to ad censorship. Click here for more on Facebook’s full statement.
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