Making the Most Out of a Small Social Media Budget

Sep 2017

Average cost of a super bowl ad in 2017? $2.5 MILLION. While a spot in one of the year’s most watched televised events might not fit your advertising budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach thousands of potential customers another way. Social media advertising has paved the way for affordable marketing offering a wide variety of advertising options starting as low as $1 day. But how to you get the most bang for your buck? With all of the different options available on different channels, knowing how to make the most out of your smaller budget will help you get the largest reach for the lowest cost.


Sponsor a Video

One of the most inexpensive ways to reach your target audience on social media is to sponsor a video on Facebook. Not only are videos some of the most popular content on the channel, but they are also typically the lowest cost per engagement on the platform. When sponsoring a video, you are still provided the same specific targeting as all Facebook ads, so you know you are reaching exactly who your audience is. You can also link to your website for additional traffic. The best part? You are charged “per view,” opposed to other ads with calls to action like commenting, liking, or clicking a link. With a sponsored video, you can reach the largest amount of people for the lowest rate, so make your content stand out and speak for itself.


Boost a Post

If your monthly budget is less than $150 a month, you might not be able to effectively run a $5/day website traffic ad. But don’t worry! By boosting a post on your page, you can run ads for as low as $1 a day to either your page’s audience, or using Facebook’s targeting features. If you are already creating powerful content for your page, you can boost these posts and increase your reach without running a more expensive Facebook ad.


Gather Leads Another Way

Facebook’s lead generation ads can be a great way to collect information such as names, emails, and phone numbers from potential clients, but is the least cost effective out of all of Facebook’s advertising options. This information is incredibly valuable, but if you can’t afford the budget for a lead gen ad, you can collect their info another way. Create an “engagement” ad and use Facebook’s targeting tools to find your perfect audience. Then, include a call to action in the caption instructing anyone who is interested to leave his or her contact information. Now, you are collecting leads without having to pay up for Facebook’s pricey method.


Regardless of your advertising budget, there is always a way for you to reach more users online. By having a monthly social media advertising budget, even a small one, you are able to take advantage of Facebook’s targeting tools to reach people you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. Once you find what works, you might consider increasing your budget to reach even more people. We’ve created a method for finding your best audience through Facebook targeting. Find out the 3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience Through Facebook Ads.

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