KWSM Case Study: Generating Leads & Sales With A Comprehensive Digital Advertising Strategy

digital advertising strategyContour Light Devices, an authorized distributor of the Contour Light System, turned to KWSM at the inception of their business in order to build a cohesive marketing strategy to reach their target audiences. Having worked with KWSM on a project several years prior, they knew they could entrust their marketing process to us. Their goals included generating a high number of consistent quality leads and sales conversions for their red light therapy system.


Since they were in the process of starting their marketing and sales business, their digital assets were not yet working cohesively to reach the medical providers, med spas, and other clinics in their target audience, nor did they have the marketing materials necessary to both educate and motivate potential customers to invest in their product.


The Problem

After a thorough review, our team noticed two things:

  1. The Contour Light brand was not appearing in front of a large enough percentage of their target audience – med spas, medical practices, and other healthcare service providers. 
  2. They needed an effective landing page that would provide these practitioners with sufficient information on what the Contour Light System is, how it works, how their practices could benefit from purchasing one, and how to capture their contact information for further lead nurturing opportunities. 


Our Approach

To address their goals, KWSM implemented a three-pronged approach that would guide a greater number of practitioners in the Contour Light Devices target audience down the lead generation funnel: digital advertising on LinkedIn and Google, a new landing page, and an 8-email drip campaign. 


Digital Advertising Strategy: Awareness

The first thing we needed to determine was the best method and platform(s) for increasing awareness. We decided to reach users through paid ads in two different spaces:


  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads: We target these ads to chiropractors, estheticians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare service providers across the U.S. The ad itself features a contact form where any user who views the ad and is interested in learning about the Contour Light System can request to be contacted by the company with more information.
  • Google Ads/PPC: While LinkedIn ads allow us to showcase the brand in front of users who may not be actively searching for red light therapy systems, we also want to get in front of users who are already browsing and assist them in finding the Contour Light Devices website more easily. We decided to launch a Google Ads search campaign to put the site closer to the top of these users’ Google search results.


Landing Page: Consideration and Conversion

Advertising campaigns are only as effective as the web page they drive to. To make the most of the web traffic coming from our Google search ads, we developed a landing page that would not only educate users on the many benefits the Contour Light System could bring to their patients and practices, but also give them an opportunity to fill out the form to request more information, much like the form we featured in our LinkedIn lead generation ads. 


Email Drip Campaign: Lead Nurturing

In addition to giving users’ contact information to the Contour Light team for their brand representatives to reach out directly, all emails from our LinkedIn and PPC campaigns are automatically entered into an 8-email drip sequence. We created this email series to help nurture the leads by providing more information and keeping the Contour Light name top of mind throughout their decision-making process. 


The Results

Together, our efforts from this campaign bring in an average of 50-60 new leads per month and have resulted in 20 Contour Light Systems sold in the past six months! Contour Light Devices now owns more digital real estate for greater brand awareness and has a streamlined digital process that brings a steady influx of new leads.


“When [we] decided to start Contour Light Devices and needed to market from scratch, we didn’t mess around — we came right to the experts at KWSM. The team did an impressively thorough marketing audit and found what social media platforms our target customers used, helped us build a new website that highlighted the copy we wrote and created an email drip campaign and ads for both Google and Linkedin. It was a full-court press effort from the beginning. Though the pandemic hit right as we started, the rollout of the marketing plan took hold and has continued to grow the quantity and quality of leads. This definitely shows the great benefits of having a cohesive marketing process in place in order to generate viable leads and build the business. You all have done amazing work for us and with us.

– Joe & Terry Martin, Owners of Contour Light Devices



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